Ms. Ajchara Chaisantitrakul

Ms. Ajchara Chaisantitrakul

Back in the time when I was still in college, I was diagnosed with nearsightedness of -2.50 diopters (250 degrees). That was when I started wearing eyeglasses. After years of wearing them, I could not stand with the heavy eyeglasses frame pinching my nose. Therefore, I switched to one-year contact lenses, which irritated my eyes so much. Then I tried replacing my contact lenses more often, from six, to three, and to one month. Eventually, I switched to daily disposable contact lenses. However, the problem still continued, so I gave up and thought about going back to wearing eyeglasses again.

For a while, I had been using single lenses eyeglasses until I turned 40 and started to have additional vision problem. Farsightedness because of age -- caused me dizziness when I worked on my computer. I started to look for a good pair of eyeglasses. My sister suggested ISOPTIK. She was already ISOPTIK’s customer. I also had seen ISOPTIK in the media before making the decision to come in.

The eyeglasses that I got made from ISOPTIK are fantastic. They give me the clearest vision without requiring me to adjust to them. I can finally have my eyeglasses on without the annoying dizziness.

I would like to thank Bobi and his team for giving me a warm welcome and taking the best care of me. Their thorough and comprehensive eye examination assured me that I came to the right place and made the right decision.

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