Ms. Umporn Poonyokul

Ms. Umporn Poonyokul
Retired Teacher

Two years ago, I was traveling on an airplane. I picked up one of the in-flight magazines to read to stumble upon the message from ISOPTIK’s advertisement that read, Bobi – a genuine expert in eye examination for The ISOPTIK Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses made using the most advanced technology. I became very interested. I persuaded my husband to get his eyeglasses made from ISOPTIK first as he needed a decent pair of eyeglasses much more than I did. He had to do a lot of night driving. At his age, night driving is quite dangerous. So, we called ISOPTIK and made an appointment to visit.

After the eye examination, we waited for a while until the finished eyeglasses were delivered. My husband tried them on and felt very thrilled with his new eyeglasses due to the lightness and the wearing comfort without any reflections in them. The eyeglasses also came with two-year warranty. We are able to get the lenses changed after two years of usage if we need to. The after sales service provided is top class.

We think we had made the right decision to come to ISOPTIK. The eyeglasses give crystal clear vision with the ultimate wearing comfort that we do not have to keep taking our eyeglasses on and off anymore.

ISOPTIK also has a full team of eye experts to take care of your vision and general eye health. They always call to make sure we stay happiest with our eyeglasses. When the lenses expiry date is coming up, we get a reminder from them asking us to come in to get the lenses changed. They take very good care of us.

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