Mr. Supat Natepisarnwanich

Mr. Supat Natepisarnwanich
Business Entrepreneur

I have been an eyeglasses wearer ever since I could remember things. I started wearing them since I was about one or two years old. I have owned too many pairs of eyeglasses that I got them made from several optical stores I could find. Some of the eyeglasses were alright for me, some were not. Back then, the issue was not much of a nuisance. I was still young so my eyes easily adjusted themselves to the eyeglasses I had, which is why growing older is a pain. It became much harder for my eyes to adjust themselves to eyeglasses. The latest ones I got gave me a bad headache when I use them. I got the lenses changed but the headaches did not go away.

Luckily, a friend suggested me to come to ISOPTIK. I had previously seen ISOPTIK in the media so I was assertive that they could help me.

After collecting my custom made eyeglasses from ISOTIK, I was so pleased. I wished I had found them sooner! I was completely blown away by experience I receive from the day I had an eye examination to the day I received my eyeglasses. It’s really nothing like I have ever experienced somewhere else. The eye examination was really intensive. The eyeglasses never disappoint me. They give crystal clear vision without any wearing discomfort. The vision quality is over the top. I am very highly impressed.

I have been a happy customer. Bobi and his team pay great attention to all customers. The after sales service is also excellent. You will not be disappointed with ISOPTIK and their service!

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