Mr. Wasin Dolrudej

Mr. Wasin Dolrudej
Managing Director – Aumnuaychai Industry Co., Ltd.

At first, I thought I only had a nearsighted problem. I went to a general optical store and got my eyeglasses made with them. I did not need to use eyeglasses during day time, and only wore them during the night time. They were fine at first, but after a while, it felt like my eyes just stopped adjusting themselves to the lenses. Long wearing time would lead to eyes fatigue and headaches. I had to take them off, waited for a while to put them back on. It was very annoying.

The new eyeglasses I got from ISOPTIK took away all those problems I had with my old eyeglasses. I’ve been using them for quite some time. They never give me any vision problem. I love the support system and after sales service provided by ISOPTIK. They always follow up and call to make sure that I stay happy with my eyeglasses. In addition, the product warranty offered is really impressive. One time, I accidently dropped my eyeglasses on the floor and got the lenses damaged, I came in for help and they got the lenses changed for me free of charge.

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