Mr. Rattanachai Puranachaikeeree

Mr. Rattanachai Puranachaikeeree
Business Entrepreneur

One thing that is unavoidable in your 40s is farsightedness. Most people would think of an easy way out – looking for cheap eyeglasses that might cost 50-60 Baht up to 1,000 Baht per pair. Eventually, they would get trashed and the money was wasted. They are cheap, they are easy to find, they do not need much care, but they do not work, and they simply damage your eyes faster than what it should be.

Looking for the finest pair of eyeglasses for me is an art. I look for the optical place that I can fully trust in their expertise and craftsmanship. The significant key word is “craftsmanship”. If you are looking for a decent pair of eyeglasses, price does not matter as much as their utility and effectiveness. Would you be able to put your eyeglasses into good use? Are they good enough? I have previously purchased a number of pairs from various brands and makers from a number of optical stores. In the end, those eyeglasses were “alright” to me. If they are just “alright”, it is unnecessary to pay high price for them.

However, if your work requires high attention to details and close scrutiny, or involves with precise measurements and such, I really think you really need a decent pair of eyeglasses. Have you found them?

If not, I highly recommend that you come to ISOPTIK. They make the best ultra individual digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses. Other general optical stores also make progressive eyeglasses, but I know a few persons whose eyeglasses give them dizziness or make them feel imbalanced while walking. Some of them have problems with depth perception and peripheral distortions. I can be an example of a similar case. I had a pair of renowned branded progressive eyeglasses that were made with the camera lenses quality. Looking straight, all was clear except the left and right edges. If I were trying to look a straight line, the end of the line would look bent downward. It was subtle, but noticeable. If you are a detail-oriented person like me, you would notice it too.

It was not hard for me to notice a small detail like that because I work with levels and measurements, and let me tell you, none of the progressive eyeglasses I had were comparable to the ones I got from ISOPTIK. The eyeglasses from ISOPTIK give natural and crystal clear vision I once had long before these vision problems occurred.

The final product outcomes can be differentiated by the maker’s expertise and skillfulness. I give my thumbs up for the team at ISOPTIK, their design, product quality and craftsmanship are top notch. High price comes high quality. I admit that their eyeglasses are high priced, but I do not think they are expensive. “Expensive” is referred to things that I paid for but are useless and ineffective.

Other optical places will offer you a maximum of one-year warranty. At ISOPTIK, you are offered 12- years lenses warranty. I look at this offer as a 12-years insurance for my vision and eye health. You really get back what you have paid for. I am impressed with this service. It is well worth the price I paid.

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