Mr. Pitipong Rojanasumapong

Mr. Pitipong Rojanasumapong
President - P.T. Foods Processing Co., Ltd.

My first feelings towards The ISOPTIK Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses I received from ISOPTIK were so nice that words cannot describe how impressed and happy I was! I think progressive lenses are available anywhere, but not just anybody can put them in good use. Bobi, he is the one. He has the skills to perfectly locate the lenses in the most precise position to make the best use out of them. I got the right eyeglasses from the right place at the right time. ISOPTIK is the place to go to if you are looking for the right eyeglasses for you.

I have been wearing eyeglasses since I was about 30 years old. With this pair that I got from ISOPTIK, my first thought was, why are these eyeglasses so expensive. However, once I had them on, I had an answer for that question and totally understood the logic. It is the mixture of small subtle details such as the fitting, the frame, the lenses, the crystal clear vision, that give me the pleasure of wearing eyeglasses from Bobi. What I received was well worth the price I paid for.

Thinking about the investment for these eyeglasses, business-wise, that was the best decision I had made. I would rather pay high price for a great pair of eyeglasses that last a lifetime than paying lower for several pairs that do not offer any satisfaction guarantee.

The after sales service is nicely managed. Bobi and his team take a very good care of their customers. In case of eyeglasses damage from accidental happening. Bobi is always there to give advice and help with the repair. He even gives advices about the kind of frame and lenses that would fit perfectly with the shape of your face. His selection of the eyeglasses makes me look younger than I really am. It is amazing.

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