Ms. Busaba Luangthongwanich

Ms. Busaba Luangthongwanich
Technical & Q.C. Officer Toyo Ink ( Thailand ) Co.Ltd.

I began to have nearsightedness when I was in secondary school. I did not wear eyeglasses all the time. I only wore them when I was in class. However, that all changed when I started working life. I practically had my eyeglasses on all the time. Up until I reached the age of 40. I also developed farsightedness, and was advised that I needed progressive eyeglasses. I got my first pair from some hospital. They were alright. The time came when I needed my second pair, I did not go to get them made at the hospital since I thought they would be too expensive. Instead, I went to a general optical store and got my second pair made. They did not work at all. They gave poor and unclear vision at all distance.

I did some more research and finally was able to reach Bobi through LINE. I instantly felt hopeful. He gave me all the useful advices and information. So, I arranged to come in and get my eyes and vision examined. It took me a long time, much longer than I expected, but it was all for a good reason. The examination was so comprehensive. I was surprised because I have never been through anything like this at the other optical places.

I am very pleased with my ultra individual digital 3 D progressive eyeglasses from ISOPTIK. They give that perfect crystal clear vision at all distance with the utmost wearing comfort. I hardly had to make any adjustment to the eyeglasses!

Impression started the very first second I walked into ISOPTIK. The staff was very welcoming and polite. Bobi and his team were very attentive and informative.

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