Ms. Nartladda Namprakai

Bobi and Ms. Nartladda Namprakai

I started to have farsightedness as soon as I reached the age of 40. At first, I bought a pair of single lens eyeglasses to use. Three to four years passed,I thought I needed a new pair with better quality, so I went to an optical place nearby to get a new pair made. After a while, I also developed nearsightedness, that was when I started to be more thoughtful about my eyeglasses.

I ran across an article about ISOPTIK from a magazine. I did further research and found a lot of good comments about them. I lived in countryside so I had to travel quite far in order to visit.

PTA measurement

However, all the efforts were worthwhile! I was truly impressed with the staff’s attention to detail all throughout my eye examination process. I had been through a number of eye examinations and I could just tell that ISOPTIK’s is completely distinctive from the others. I previously had spent a lot of money on progressive eyeglasses that did not work for me at all. They gave me dizziness all the time. I tried to get them adjusted several times but all the efforts were a waste of time and money. Moreover, they did not come with any type of warranty so I had no choice but throwing them away.

CVD measurement

On the other hand, the new eyepiece from ISOPTIK brought me such joy of wearing eyeglasses. During the first week of wearing, I barely had to make any adjustments. They felt so natural on me and it almost felt like I did not wear them. My life quality was much improved!

In the past, I had to use two pairs of eyeglasses alternatively for different purposes. It was very inconvenient. But the new pair of super progressive eyeglasses I received from ISOPTIK answers all my problems. I can use just one pair for all occasions. I am very happy with the convenience and the quality I received from them! Your eyes are very significant so, keeping them in good conditions and caring for them are something that cannot be neglected!

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