Mr. Nopparong Kuerkoonrat

Mr. Nopparong Kuerkoonrat
Assistant Manager Process Engineering Department

I have had nearsightedness since I was in elementary school. I remember not seeing the blackboard clearly. I had to keep blinking or rubbing my eyes in order to see things clearer. My mother took me to get an eye examination. I later found out that those were the symptoms of nearsightedness. I got my first pair of eyeglasses from a general optical store that my mother took me to.

After graduating from university, my nearsightedness remained stable. As soon as I started my work life, I was looking for another pair of eyeglasses that would fit with my life and lifestyles better. Also, my first pair was broken so I needed a replacement. My nearsightedness level is rather severe so I wanted the new eyeglasses made with high quality. I did my research and came across ISOPTIK from the internet. After going through the information about the place and Bobi’s profile, I was confident that this was “the” place for me.

CVD measurement

When I decided to pay a visit to ISOPTIK, I sort of knew that the price for my new eyeglasses was going to be high. What I did not know, was the intricacy of how they conducted an eye examination! They offer the lenses and eyeglasses frame with the top class quality. The eye examination process took a quite some time. It was done very thoroughly with many tests and in-depth interview. This thoroughness is a must as it would lead to the precise assessment for lenses and eyeglasses design that would fit with the wearer for a lifetime.

Eyeglasses are considered a necessary item for all wearers. I personally think that eyeglasses are valuable belonging especially if you have a serious problem with your vision. If you are going to pay a high price for something, make sure you do your research, and go with the trustworthy eyeglasses maker that you can entrust in when any problems with your lenses and eyeglasses occur.

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