Ms. Tanita Wiwattananusorn

Ms. Tanita Wiwattananusorn
Business Entrepreneur

I have been nearsighted. For me, eyeglasses are the only option that I choose since contact lenses tend to dry my eyes out badly. ISOPTIK was referred to me by my husband. The first time I visited ISOPTIK, I noticed that everything was done differently from the other optical boutiques I had gone to before. The eye examination process and the apparatuses used were unlike those other places. The process was so thorough and conducted with great attention.

The service I received the day I went in to collect my eyeglasses was as fantastic as the first day I visited. The eyeglasses fitting and final checkup procedures were very comprehensive to ensure that eyeglasses lenses are perfectly located on the frame. Should there be any problems, even the slightest problem, they would get it corrected right away.

Another ISOPTIK’s outstanding attribute is their well trained and attentive staff with great service mind. The eyeglasses also come with a warranty for both the eyeglasses frame and lenses. Before the expiration of the lenses or your appointment with the ophthalmologist date, I would get a reminder from them. This surely helps me a lot considering my hectic business schedule. Bobi may seem formidable but he is very gentle and kind. He is a true knowledgably optical expert. I can always consult with him about any of my concerns regarding my vision and eye health.

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