Mr. Nuttaphol Submanu

Mr. Nuttaphol Submanu
Businessman and Mountain Climbing Enthusiast

I started wearing eyeglasses early when I was in my secondary school. I only wore them during classes so that I could see what was written on the blackboard. Outside of my classrooms, I did not wear them as I played a lot of sports at school. It was during my college years that I started to have a serious problem with my eyesight especially when I played basketball. I tried contact lenses for a short while. However, I did not like the inconvenience of taking them on and off. They also came off easily while I played sports. It was quite annoying.

I had a lot of eyeglasses made from several optical places but none of them satisfied me. A friend of mine, who is ISOPTIK’s customer, suggested that I come to ISOPTIK. I remember the day I got my eyeglasses from ISOPTIK, I told my friend that these are the best eyeglasses I have ever had. They are very comfortable and they give the crystal clear vision I have never had for such a long time.

I am also a mountain climbing enthusiast. After receiving my first pair of eyeglasses, I asked Bobi for his advice in finding the right sunglasses for mountaineering. I needed eyeglasses with the ability to quickly switch lenses colors from dark to clear, and the dark lenses color give higher sun protection than sunglasses available in the market. I was looking for something with a complete curve for a complete eye and sun protection that will not give me dizziness. Bobi finally had the glasses done with all the conditions that I requested. He is an eyeglasses genius who is very affable to talk to. He and his staff are always pleasant. They offer me an eyeglasses cleaning service even when I stop by just to greet them. Their service is extraordinary!

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