Mr. Jomporn Charoenwat

Mr. Jomporn Charoenwat

My nearsightedness is 500-600 degrees in power. I have had too many eyeglasses made from several optical places. I started with regular single lens eyeglasses. Then, I was introduced to progressive lenses. I was not a big fan of progressive eyeglasses. They did not give me the smoothness of vision. Seeing things at different distance was not easy. I literally had to move my eyes all the time.

I later became a customer at ISOPTIK. I have been very impressed with what I received, in terms of product, service and value. ISOPTIK’s eyeglasses give me the crystal clear vision at all distance with the wearing comfort I could not find from any other eyeglasses. The new vision is so bright and clear that I begin to pay more attention to small details of everything that I see. The eyeglasses truly improve my quality of life.

I found out about Bobi and ISOPTIK in Reader’s Digest. I am highly concerned about my vision and my eyes. They have a lot of effects upon my living. Having read that article, I came straight to ISOPTIK from my hometown upcountry. The first eye examination included various steps in order to gain the most accurate result and assessment.

I was very excited to receive my new eyeglasses. They have given me the energy and youthfulness that I once lost as I got older. They certainly improve my vision and life quality.

ISOPTIK also provides excellent service standard. I have been impressed with the friendly staff and inviting atmosphere.

At first, I really had no idea how much it would cost me. However, I very much intended to come and sought the best solution for that perfect vision that I had always wished for. I was willing to pay the premium price but I also expected premium product quality. The finished eyeglasses did meet my expectation. I have been highly satisfied with them. ISOPTIK has various products that come with various prices for you to select. They have all kinds of product that fit with your requirement and your budget. I can confirm that the money you spend would be worth the quality of vision that you receive afterwards.

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