Mr. Permsuk Kengmana

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Mr. Permsuk Kengmana

I have had a vision problem in my right eye. The doctor who performed a cataract surgery on me said that I might have had a vision problem since I was little. Not too long after I turned 40 years old, I started to have blurred vision and could not read clearly, that was when I began wearing eyeglasses.

I had my first pair of eyeglasses made in Hong Kong. After I returned to Thailand, I had another pair made since my eyesight was getting worse as I aged, but they were not as nice and comfortable as the first ones. Friends suggested that I changed my eyeglasses. One day I went to dine at Erawan Building and noticed the optical boutique called ISOPTIK. I decided to walk in, and I could not have made a better decision! I am still ISOPTIK’s loyal customer to this day.

As soon as I got used to the eyeglasses I received from Bobi, my vision was instantly improved. I tried several eyeglasses made from other optical store, but strongly felt that my vision was getting worse. In contrary, Bobi’s eyeglasses only get better every time I wear them! A lot of my friends have their eyeglasses made somewhere else. They have a problem of dizziness from focus changing when turning heads. I do not have that problem at all with my eyeglasses from ISOPTIK.

Bobi and his staff pay attention to all the small details throughout the eye examination process. ISOPTIK truly provides a superior service quality that cannot be found anywhere else!

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