Mr. Kasem Sae-Eng

Mr. Kasem Sae-Eng
Business owner

Prior to my experience at ISOPTIK, I was despair. My eyes were extremely sensitive to sunlight. Every time when I was driving or being with the strong sunlight, it was literally hard for me to keep my eyes open, and forcing myself to keep my eyes open gave me a severe headache. I then went to get eyeglasses made from some optical store. They only worked alright for a short period of time, until my light sensitivity got worsen and worsen. I did not know what my symptom was, and felt so hopeless.

Fortunately, I got to know about ISOPTIK, either from a friend or an article in a magazine. I decided to pay a visit and had a chance to meet with an Ophthalmologist and Bobi, who conducted an exceptionally thorough eye and vision examination for me. Later on, I finally got my ultra individial digital 3 D progressive eyeglasses made with a prism. Due to the prism, I had to adjust myself to new vision by practicing my eyes to focus and getting accustomed to the new eyeglasses.

Bobi suggested that I needed a prism in my ultra individual digital 3 D progressive lenses. The lenses would significantly improve my eyesight and brain functionality. Prism in ultral individual digital 3 D progressive lenses helps aligning the two images from both eyes into one focus. Trying to get used to my new pair of eyeglasses physically and mentally, I slowly but surely started to feel the difference. My symptom of light sensitivity was lessened day by day.

After one year, things started to get better and better. The headaches barely made a visit, as a result, the fatigues I always had were also gone.

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I am an enthusiastic cyclist. I normally do not need my eyeglasses when I ride because I have farsightedness, and farsightedness is not much of a problem when I am on the bike. Therefore, I take off my eyeglasses every time I ride, which is actually not recommended. I wish to have my eyeglasses lenses incorporated into my cycling glasses, however, getting this done could be quite complex so I decided to write off that decision. For example, if I aim for 200 kilometers of cycling, I usually have to spend about six to seven hours to finish it. Once I am on my bike, I take off my normal eyeglasses and I am doing just fine without them during those hours I am on my bike. Once I get off my bike, I need my eyeglasses on immediately. The eyeglasses are so comfortably wearing that I sometimes forget to take them off before washing my face. They give that much of the natural feeling to me!

I am highly impressed with Bobi’s professionalism and his consistency in caring for his customers. He is just as caring and attentive to me now as he was when I first made a visit to ISOPTIK. That’s what I call a premium quality of service!

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