Mr. Kriengkrai Danchaivijitr

Mr. Kriengkrai Danchaivijitr
The President of PhraNakhon Si Ayutthaya Chamber of Commerce in Thailand

I encountered a vision problem when I was about 13-14 years old. I was in secondary school. At school, I had difficulty seeing what was written on the blackboard. I struggled with a combination of nearsightedness and astigmatism. That was the time I had to have my first eyeglasses.

My vision problem escalated as I got older. I had always been a serious bookworm. Therefore, I needed a new pair of eyeglasses every year, and I always had a hard time adjusting to every one of them.

As soon as I reached the age of 40, my vision problem got to the worst point where my nearsightedness prescription was -7.00 D, with -1.00 D prescription of astigmatism. Moreover, other eye problems started to flare up. One morning, I woke up with a grey curtain effect in my right eye field of vision. I immediately went to Rutnin Eye Hospital. I was told I had retinal detachment. The eye doctor found a vitreous hemorrhage that was caused by retinal tears, and the curtain effect was instigated by the bleeding from vitreous hemorrhage blocking the retina. He applied laser treatment around the retinal tears sealing the retina to the underlying tissue, helping to prevent the vitreous fluid from seeping into the layers of retina in the future. My eye problem was cured then.

Mr. Kriengkrai Danchaivijitr

I recently found out from ISOPTIK’s eye specialist that the ones who have nearsightedness with prescription over -5.00 D are at risk of developing thinner eye retina, which results in a higher risk of retinal tears. Those who are over 30 years old, are advised that a retinal examination conducted by a Retinal Specialist once a year.

After I turned 40, I also started to develop farsightedness. As a result, I had to have an extra pair of eyeglasses made particularly for reading, and used them alternately with the ones for nearsightedness. It was extremely inconvenient.

One day, my father and my brother suggested that I make a visit to ISOPTIK, and that they are the best in the making of super progressive addition lenses eyeglasses that give crystal clear vision at all distance. After I received my prescriptive super progressive eyeglasses from ISOPTIK, I felt totally comfortable wearing them at all times doing things that fit with my lifestyles and activities that I love as if I were 30 years old again! It didn’t take much effort to adjust myself to the new eyeglasses. I worked all day and went home without any feeling of eye fatigue. I am now out and about happily, socializing, exercising, and enjoying all activities without any difficulty of wearing eyeglasses.

I was very impressed with top quality product and service that I received from Master Bobi and all the staff at ISOPTIK. The eyeglasses give the highest natural feeling and wearing comfort. If you are in search of the right pair of eyeglasses, please take my advice, make a visit to ISOPTIK, and prepare to be impressed like I have been!

The individually-made super progressive eyeglasses using the latest technology from ISOPTIK are worth every Baht I spent. I do not need to renew my prescription for eyeglasses for the past three to four years. These progressive lenses never give me any problems. Professionally managed and operated, ISOPTIK is really the place to come to. They provide marvelous service standard and premium custom-made super progressive eyeglasses that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

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