Ms. Chombongkoch Watcharapong

Ms. Chombongkoch Watcharapong
Business Owner

I have had an eyesight problem since I was still in secondary school. I was diagnosed with Myopia and Astigmatism. The Astigmatism was in my left eye so my left-sided vision was inaccurate, which was annoying especially when I had to use my eyes to measure or gauge things. I was in search of the right eyeglasses to alleviate this problem, and kept changing eyeglasses since none of them satisfied me.

When I heard about the new progressive eyeglasses technology, I wanted to give it a try. They were the most expensive kind of eyeglasses back then. I assumed, high price comes high quality, but that was not in my case! The eyeglasses made me feel like walking down steep hill when I wore them. I got fed up. After that, a friend suggested that I got eyeglasses that only treated my Myopia. Still, they made my life even more difficult because I started to have Presbyopia at that time. I felt very disappointed and stopped using eyeglasses.

That was about the time I adopted a restaurant franchise business – “Chokdee Dimdum Sathupradit “ Branch. The business involved late night stays to serve the customers. Eyestrain developed. Headache and neck pain followed. I did not realize what was the cause of these symptoms until later on. In the afternoon when the sunlight started to diminish, my vision started to get blurred. I told myself that I really needed to seek professional advices

I found ISOPTIK on FACEBOOK, so I decided call for more information. ISOPTIK’s staff suggested that I went in to get my eye examined. So, I did make a visit to ISOPTIK and finally got my eyeglasses. I literally felt like I got a brand new pair of eyes using these eyeglasses. I never encounter the problems I used to have with my past eyeglasses. The vision is crystal clear and the wearing comfort is superb!

Bobi also gave recommendations about how I should wear my new eyeglasses so that I can get used to them easily during the first stage of wearing. I am beyond impressed especially with Bobi’s thorough eye examination process. The process did take a long time, but getting that crystal clear vision just like you received a new pair of eyes is worth every minute you spend at ISOPTIK!

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