Mr. Surat Eamwatcharapong

Mr. Surat Eamwatcharapong
Senior Manager ľ Sales Division AIA.

I started to have a problem with reading about 10-20 years ago. My eyes felt weary after reading a few pages so I told myself that I needed eyeglasses. I have had more than 20 pairs of eyeglasses in the past. It was a bad cycle, I got a new pair, I used them, they did not work, I discarded them, and then I got a new pair. I felt hopeless.

One day, I found an article about ISOPTIK in a magazine and I decided to pay a visit. I had to admit, I was shocked when I found out about how much it would cost me. But like I said, I was hopeless and so I gave it a try

This new pair of eyeglasses from ISOPTIK completely blew me away! Life has been so much easier and happier. Before that, long drive upcountry almost killed me. I got exhausted within an hour of driving and had to make a lot of stops to rest at along the journey.I now no longer have any problem with long drive, and so I understand the logic behind the high cost of these eyeglasses for the best quality of your vision. They are worth the investment!

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