Mr. Prasert Eamrungroj

Mr. Prasert Eamrungroj
Writer and Businessman

I have had a problem with my eyesight and visualization ever since I turned 40 years old, so I started to use progressive lenses. At first, they worked alright for the first five or six years, then came the problem! I got a bad headache every time I read. One day, my partner suggested ISOPTIK and so I decided to pay a visit to this place.

I am truly amazed at how thorough the eye examination is conducted at ISOPTIK. Unlike the other eyeglasses stores, you are required to go through acomprehensive interview that takes quite a long time, so that they have accurate information and inputs to design thelenses and create super progressive eyeglasses for their customers.

In the past, I could not stand wearing progressive lenses for 24 hours straight. It was very uncomfortable. However, with ISOPTIK’s super progressive eyeglasses, this is the first time in my life to have my eyeglasses on for 24 hours straight.

My eyes are heavily used as I am a writer. Majority of my time is spent on reading. In one day, I spend at least six hours on reading and writing. I can honestly say that my quality of life has improved so much thanks to ISOPTIK’s super progressive eyeglasses.

Before this, I had to keep taking my eyeglasses on and off, it was very awkward and problematic during work.I am now so much happier with the new eyeglasses from ISOPTIK. When people hear that the cost for a pair of eyeglasses is up to 100,000 THB, they are shocked. But for me, achieving the best visual and life quality is worth spending 100,000 THB !

My thought is – there are a couple of important things you really need to utilize to live a good life, first is your brain and second is your eyes. Therefore, if you are to invest in something, invest in your eyes quality improvement. I can guarantee you that the investment would be valuable and well-spent !

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