Mr. Kranphol Asawasuwan

Mr. Kranphol Asawasuwan
Director – Symphony Communication PCL.

“I previously had experienced an uncomfortable wearing of progressive eyeglasses from the other eyeglasses store, which greatly limited the quality of my visualization. The focusing ability of those eyeglasses was so sluggish that I had to keep turning my head to find the right focus. However, I have been very impressed ever since I introduce myself to ISOPTIK’s Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses. They give the vision that is very natural-like, and come with fast image focusing ability. These eyeglasses give me the vision that I used to have in my teenage years. The quality of life is certainly improved now that I have the ability to do and see things without having to acclimatize my eyes to the eyeglasses like I used to before !”

I have always had my eyeglasses on since I was young as the symptom of nearsightedness developed rather early in my childhood. As I got older, at a certain age, I also became farsighted. Due to the symptom of both nearsightedness and farsightedness, I had to keep taking my eyeglasses on and off to see things at different distance. Therefore, I decided to get progressive eyeglasses made from some general optical store hoping that they would provide me the convenience of wearing just one pair of eyeglasses that I needed . However, they did not live up to my expectation. My experience of using them was appalling. I had to keep turning my head in order to see the peripheral images on my left and my right. The wearing was so uncomfortable to the point that those eyeglasses significantly limited the quality of my vision. The slow image focusing ability forced me to keep turning my head in order to find the right focus. I felt hopeless.

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A while after, a friend recommended that I visit ISOPTIK. I could not thank him enough for his suggestion. All those frustrations from poor eyeglasses quality disappeared once I received my first pair of super progressive eyeglasses. I was highly impressed with the customized eyepieces and advanced technology utilized to make them. I immediately felt the natural and crystal clear vision from the very first second I tried them on. Their fast image focusing ability reminds me of the vision that I used to have in my teenage years. ISOTIK’s super progressive eyeglasses improve not only my vision but also my overall life quality!

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The ISOPTIK Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses made using the latest technology I received from ISOPTIK certainly live up to all the expectations I have in a pair of eyeglasses. They give me the natural feeling and the wearing comfort without me having to acclimatize my eyes to them. ISOPTIK’s super progressive eyeglasses are significantly different from progressive eyeglasses from other optical stores. I now have the ability to see and do things without any difficulties of having a poor vision. Words cannot describe how impressed I am!

Bobi and Mr.Kranphol Asawasuwan

Eyes are one of the most critical organs of your body. They allow you to visualize what is going on around you. To me, they are also a communicating tool between me and my ill father, who cannot verbally communicate, but can communicate through his eyes. Therefore, one of the best investments in life is in my eye health. It is a fact, that high price comes high quality, and to me, nothing beats having the best life quality.

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