Mr. Samacha Srithongsook

Mr. Samacha Srithongsook
Director of Cargo and Mail Sales Department, THAI Airways PCL

I have been using the service from ISOPTIK more than 15 years. It is really my One Stop Solution.

" My name is Samacha Srithongsook , Director of Cargo and Mail Sales Department, THAI Airways PCL. I use ISOPTIK service for more than 15 years. My point is different from other.
I think it's a One Stop Solution. I have been to other optical stores and it didn’t.

ISOPTIK makes one pair of eyeglasses to support all my activities. It is not necessary
to change eyeglasses back and forth. I admitted that ISOPTIK is really a One Stop Solution because for more than 10 years, I've only done it once and no sign of headache. I live my happily life all along.

The investment in Digital 3D Smart Individual Progressive Eyeglasses from ISOPTIK The Hi-End Eyeglasses Centre, I think this depends on individual concept. Some may not need to use expensive eyeglasses as if they were high but if the person who has the issue of
eye problems and wanted to be confident in how to make eyeglasses and procedures with various measurements which may cost a little bit high. If it's worth it ?
Looking back from the past 10 years until now, eyes health is really matter.
We are unable to spend money to solve all problems if we don’t preserve it.
But if we have a eyes problem and want to prolong your eyes condition, I think it's worth it.
I think that health issue is really a big matter.

With ISOPTIK Digital 3D Smart Individual Progressive Eyeglasses,
Improves my quality of life and bring more comfortable because
only one eyeglasses control every situations whether writing
reading, looking near, looking far, using a computer mobile phone.
These is so called Single Solution One Stop ! "

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