Mr. Preecha Prakobkit

Mr. Preecha Prakobkit
Ex - Managing Director , Amway ( Thailand )

" Amazing ! This is it ! Crystal Clear At Any Distances in split second naturally ö

" Several years ago, while I had to speak to the Tens of thousands of people at Amway Distributor National Conferences across Thailand. I used the old progressive eyeglasses that can see clearly at 40 centimeters to 3 meters. I had to take off my eyeglasses every time when I wanted to look at the people in the far distances. It is not convenient at all. As I got off the stage, there was an officer from ISOPTIK the Hi-End Eyeglasses Centre waiting to meet me and hand over the invitation letter to test out the ISOPTIK Individual Progressive Eyeglasses with the latest technology.

I read it and found that it is interesting. I talk to myself that I have wasted a hundred of thousands of baht to find a lot of eyeglasses since I wanted to be comfortable all day long while I working with my eyes more than 8 hours a day in all distances including computer at near during the meeting and far to see a people. While I drive by myself on my vacation, I will be confused with the uncomfortable eyeglasses and limited vision. I felt very difficult. I lived with these problems around two months and unable to endure it anymore, so I decided to have my secretary contact ISOPTIK for the eye examinations.

After receiving the detailed 3D digital eye measurements, I felt different from many places.
Grandmaster Bobi have me tried out the trial lenses to simulate the ISOPTIK Individual Progressive Eyeglasses with the latest technology. It is the first time I feel that wow this is it.
A couple of weeks to wait for them to design and assemble my eyeglasses is over. I felt exciting and finally got ISOPTIK Digital 3D Smart Individual Progressive Eyeglasses. My eyes problems that annoyed me for several years are all gone here.

I regained my ability to see all distances in split second naturally like the eyeglasses is part of my body made me forgot that I wore eyeglasses. I am regular customer here since then.

I think our life, eyesight is one of the most important things.
If you want to live freedom, you must have good visual quality.
If your vision ability is decline over time by your aged, I good tool
to help you bring back that ability is a must thing to improve your quality of life. ö

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