Mr. Kevin W. Willoughby


Well I am 57 and I had perfect vision up until the age of about 40 and I have to started wearing glasses at that point and over 15 years , I never had satisfy experience with my glasses from optician in 3 or 4 different countries.

So I have had reading as first problem and long distance problem a combination of both and each eyes are little bit different. I found I needed glasses because I went to ophthalmologist since I only 40 and said that I'm getting older and I need glasses. So it just make my reading improve so much better.


I am a professor so I often erecting a classroom , reading book , working at a computer and attending the meeting so my eyes getting wide variety of different uses and I'm quite a perfectionist and so I like to look just right and I needed glasses for that reason.

I am a American and I am a professor in the university in Moscow , Russia. My wife is from Thailand and she read about Ajarn Bobi in a news article and she noted that I am a perfectionist when it come to glasses and she know that I'm have been unsatisfied with services at what elsewhere. So she recommended that I tried coming here. So I heard about this service " ISOPTIK " from my wife who read about in the news article. I would say that their services I found here ISOPTIK are the best I found anywhere in the world.


I'm not exaggerating. The level of attention to detail , technical knowledge and ability to link together a knowledge from opthamology and also the glasses making. Profession is outstanding. I've never come across optician where I can have such a deep conversations about subtlety of problem with my eyes and glasses and adjustment the glasses. So I'm really satisfied with their services that I get here. ISOPTIK is outstanding. I never cross, come across anything as good anywhere in the world.


Firstly the people at ISOPTIK shop are very easy to cummunicated with , secondly their are hoard culture of attention to detail and care about precision and excellent. And thirdly , I willingness to consider sourceful information from the customer , me and consider how fine adjustment to the design and lenses , the positioning , the lenses and the changing the lenses over times can be taken into account.

So I am very impressed with the excellent of people here and the expert knowledge.

The ISOPTIK New Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses vs old technology progressive eyeglasses