Special Progressive Eyeglasses Value Eyeglasses Promotion Vol. 5 + ISOPTIK frame

Special Value Progressive Eyeglasses Promotion Vol. 5 The Set price start at only 9,800 Baht Limitation only 50 sets valid until Wednesday 31st October 2018

With the variety of 4 colors including Gold, Brown, Turtle and Copper
This frame is especially designed for ISOPTIK Progressive Digital 3 D Lenses, natural visual system, improved brain functionality for ô better life ö

Containing : ISOPTIK I0008 frame, size 48-20-145, 1 year warranty, normally the frame price is 3,800 Baht + ISOPTIK Progressive Digital 3 D Lenses with the new technology, Crystal Clear high definition with the new technology 1.6 thin, normally the lenses price is 18,800 Baht per pair with 180 days satisfaction guarantee.

1. ISOPTIK I0008 Color : Turtle

2. ISOPTIK I0008 Color : Gold

3. ISOPTIK I0008 Color : Brown

4. ISOPTIK I0008 Color : Copper

ISOPTIK Progressive Digital 3 D Lenses with the new technology : ISOPTIK New Eco Pro 1.6 which provided in this promotion is better than the expensive branded progressive lenses in the similar price featuring :

1. Less distortion more comfortable

2. Faster Focusing in Any Distance, Natural

3. Crystal Clear in Any Distance like the eyeglasses become part of your body

These price are excluded the cost of Eye examination, prescriptions, behavior analysis, trial lenses with the new technology, design the lenses structure, choosing an appropriate frame and eye health check with ophthalmologist for 1,000 Baht per time and take around 3 hours per person. For your convenient and the highest possibility to receive the best thing, please make an appointment in advance.

Pre-order to reserve the package only 1,000 Baht, the package valid until the end of 2018. Restriction 1 person for 1 package. You can't use other package if one other choice of package have been selected.

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The ISOPTIK New Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses vs old technology progressive eyeglasses