How to take care of your eyes (2)

The eyes are one of the most significant part of your body as they help you seeing anything around the world. Eye health care is what people often overlook. Without the well treating of the eyes from an early stage, it may cause people to lose their best vision permanently and cause them both physically and mentally suffering. We, therefore, should pay more attention to our eyes to keep the best vision permanently.

Functions of eyes are similar to those of camera. When light comes through cornea, pupil size which functions like shutter in the camera, will be adjusted according to the amount of light. When light enters the eyes, it will focus on the retina, which works similar to film of camera. After that the electrical impluse was sent from retina to brain for being interpreted to be an image.

Many structures were involved to keep our eyes function propery. For example, Lacrimal grand secrets tears for coating occlusal surface to give moisture your eyes. The eye muscles help in the movement of eyes and the eyelid protects eyes from injury.

After realising how important the eyes are, we should know the basic knowledge about eyes diseases or common eyes’ injury in order to protect eyes and preserve the long life vision. This article consists of 2 parts, the first one explains the vision and the other is about common eyes’ injury.

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