Computer vision syndrome

The use of computers is becoming more popular and plays a significant role in work as well as leisure. Nowadays, people use the computer many hours on a daily basis as part of the work routine in addition to playing games, reading the news, chatting with friends, etc. However, most people may not be aware that prolonged use of the computer can be cause long term affect on their eye health.

This leads to Computer Vision Syndrome which is associated with reduced vision, eye pain, eye irritation, and light sensitivity in addition to symptoms related to other parts of the body such as upper neck pain, back pain, and shoulder pain.

What causes CVS?

1. Environmental- ergonomics play a big role in affecting the comfort of working on a computer. Whether you are on your desk or on the sofa, you need to have the right ergonomics, meaning the right position and posture of the computer as well as the person sitting and working at the desk, as well as the lighting in the room and brightness of the computer screen.

2. Personal- an individual’s eyesight and vision may be the cause especially if they have uncorrected prescription in their eyes which can lead to too much focusing and thus give tired eyes and headaches when looking at the computer monitor. Those in the early 40s may also experience some focusing problem without computer or reading glasses. In addition, dry eyes may also fluctuating vision while staring at the monitor.

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