Titanium (Ti)


the nature of titanium

  • pure titanium is a basic element (Ti) like other metals such as iron (Fe) and aluminium (Al).
  • specific gravity 4.51 g/cm3 (aluminium 2.7 - iron 7.87)
  • melting point 1750°C (aluminium 659°C - iron 1539°C)

the history of titanium

  • titanium is the fourth most common element on Earth after aluminium, iron and magnesium. It can be extracted almost anywhere, but some of the richest deposits are in Australia.
  • the element titanium (Ti) was first discovered/found in 1790 by the english clergyman and mineralogist William Gregor. It was not until 1910 that it became possible to refine the pure material. titanium only started to be used commercially for industrial purposes in the 1950s.

the features of titanium

  • basically two categories: pure CP (commercial pure) types, and alloy-determined types (alpha and beta structures).
  • corrosion-resistant except acid
  • colouring, through the controlled application of an oxide layer.
  • allergies– by far, most people show no allergic reaction when in direct contact with titanium. The best reference for titanium’s purity (anti-allergy) is that we use the same type of plate and wire to produce spectacle frames as that used for countless medical purposes.

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