Porsche Design Philosophy

Luxury in its essence

Porsche Design is truly unique. Fundamental, not decorative. Engineered, not just perfectly designed. Luxury has a result of sheer purity. Each object is reduced to its essential function. Form that a clean linear shape is derived. Only the most advanced materials of the highest quality are selected for the making of the product. Finest traditional craftsmanship is combined with the most modern technology. A convincing example are Porsche Design glasses and sunglasses. Their design is derived from the precise knowledge of optics and physiognomy. Example for timeless aesthetics. Mirror of classic modernism. And the uncompromising essence of Porsche Design: Passion. Performance, Purism, Precision.

Innovative technology. Succinct appearance

Best UV protection. Outstanding quality of the lenses. Extraordinary design. Perfect fit. The quality and functionality of Porsche Design sunglasses are above any discussion. They meet the highest demands concerning innovation, making, and creativity. The question about personal style is quite a different one. Here is the reason for the model variety. Their clear shapes let each face come across differently and support each aspect of individuality.

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