Superior vision acuity with progressive lenses designed to your needs. 🕶️💕


BLACKFIN eyeglasses frames from Italy modern design and sport style can be adjusted to fit the face perfectly.

Matched with ISOPTIK Smart Digital 3D Individual Progressive Lenses Level 5 covering a various activities Crystal Clear Vision at Any Distance without force focusing.

💳 Special price 94,800 Baht per set
Normal Price cost 124,800 Baht per set
Saving 30,000 Baht per set

🛎️ Valid now until 30 September 2024

Descriptions :

1. BLACKFIN frames use titanium material from Japan. It is as strong as steel but weighs 40% less and is twice as strong as aluminium. In addition to their excellent aesthetics, BLACKFIN frames are also gentle on the skin. It's different from other metal eyeglasses frames. This titanium material does not cause allergic reactions and irritation. Moreover, it also does not contain any traces of nickel or other heavy metals. All these properties ensure an extremely comfortable fit. The temples and nose bridge of each pair are cut from beta titanium sheets just 5/10ths of a millimetres thick, which is an expensive material. and is more flexible than pure titanium. Can be adjusted to fit the face perfectly while maintaining an impeccably minimalist style.

BLACKFIN frames have always offered stunning colours. In addition to continuously adding color to keep up with the latest trends, the colors are also carefully handcrafted in Italy

and BLACKFIN frame has received a patent that revolutionizes this industry. This makes it easy to adjust the length of the temples by hand to fit the face. Customers can wear these eyeglasses frames every day, all day long. Normal price is 15,800 baht each.

( Frame guarantee up to 1 year )

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2. The ISOPTIK Smart Digital 3D Individual Progressive Lenses level 5 : ISOPTIK INDIVIDUAL SMP 3D 1.6 ( Clear ) covering a various activities. Crystal Clear Vision at Any Distance especially PC or notebook user, reading, sporting and driving which lessen force focusing. Able to design more structure lenses without a joint between distance. Smooth and comfortable providing an Instant Crystal Clear At Any Distance Naturally. Creating to cover every detail including Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism, Latent strabismus, and Presbyopia

* Each level of lenses varies on how they reducing the duty of your brain force focusing 10% of each level reserved to do other activities. Regular Price cost 109,000 Baht per set.

Remark : Digital 3D Eye examination + Trial Lenses set 12 levels + Eye health checked from optometrist charge 1,000 Baht

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The ISOPTIK New Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses vs old technology progressive eyeglasses