Lift up your lifestyle with the frame and Hi-End Lenses


Every STEPPER frame come with lightweight, comfortable all day, Titanium and Stainless material

Matched with ISOPTIK Eco Smart 3D Progressive Lenses new technology manufactured from Germany.

Special price 24,800 Baht per set

Normal Price cost 43,800 Baht per set

Saving 19,000 Baht per set

Valid now until 30 June 2024

Descriptions :

1. STEPPER Frame, make wearer fit firmly. Using the material that can be adjustable to fitted with the wearer and their shape intact started from tuning the mold and material to create “ STEPPER “ frame began in 1970.

STEPPER Frame using TX5, Tx3, Titanium and Stainless in manufacturing the frame which cause less allergy than other material.

And when you decided to buy a thinner lens and light, A lightweight frame is also in need to help you get the most benefit from that eyeglasses. We manufacturing every STEPPER frame to become light and comfortable all day. Regular price 8,800 Baht

( Frame guarantee up to 1 year )

See the frame click :

2. ISOPTIK ECO SMP 3D 1.6 ( Clear ) new Technology from Germany manufactured in Germany covering a various activity for each person. Regular Price 35,000 Baht per pair.

Remark : Digital 3D Eye examination + Trial Lenses set 12 levels + Eye health checked from optometrist charge 1,000 Baht

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The ISOPTIK New Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses vs old technology progressive eyeglasses