Mrs. Jan Gibson

Mrs. Jan Gibson
years old

" My name is Jan Gibson. I've pretty much been wearing glasses my entire life, or definitely from five years old. I have a lazy eye and poor vision in one eye.

I read an article in the magazine on the aeroplane and what I really fascinated me was about your eyes. You don't see with your eyes, You see with your brain. And I know that that's really important. It's not just putting a magnifying glass on your eyes. It's how do I see, how do I relate to what I see.

The process at ISOPTIK was much more thorough, much more detailed. ISOPTIK asked a lot of questions about what I read, what distance I read, the type of device I used. So I could tell you were wanting to integrate my progressive eyeglasses with my lifestyle, not just give me two magnifying glasses.

My old progressive eyeglasses have to struggling to see that I really needed to improve. For me, it's the only way to go. The ISOPTIK Individual Progressive Lenses are so much better. They're integrated with how I see.

I think it's well worth the time and money to get superior progressive eyeglasses. It's really important to invest in The ISOPTIK Individual Progressive Eyeglasses because you use them every day, every time you open your eyes all the day. Without good sight, it's difficult to live it. It's like buying a cheap bed and you sleep badly and you come up grumpy, so with good The ISOPTIK Individual Progressive Eyeglasses it makes it easy. I'm not straining my eyes and they're not tired or sore at the end of the day

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