Ms. Nong Arunosha Phanuphan

Ms. Nong Arunosha Phanuphan
Producer of Bupphae Sanniwat 2 and Phomlikit Drama

" One eyeglasses, get the job done "

“ I had a short-sightedness since school age. I've been wearing eyeglasses all the time.
The time passed by as I continued to aged. Everyone around me suggested that I should have progressive eyeglasses. I tried a variety of optical stores and it didn’t work at all. Dizzy and take a lot of effort for adaptation.

Until I met ISOPTIK The Hi-End Eyeglasses Centre. They are well-known for a long time that they had an expert such Bobi whom design and create a structure of progressive lenses to matched with customer individually. I saw a lot of their satisfied customer in variety of job even a doctor. I think it the lenses from here will be very great and so, I decided to visit and had an eye examination. I impressed them that they are very detailed in the process. I felt confidently that what I will get will be carefully check and correct very well. The eyeglasses that neatly designed to wear will be fitted like a tailor made. They are very so very professional truthfully.

The most important thing is the advice from their staff. From that day until now, the feeling from eyeglasses never change at all. I wore it without any adaptation. It is easy to see the middle zone straight forward even look down for near and look up for far distance. The eyeglasses from ISOPTIK complete the duty. One eyeglasses, get the job done

I would like to share my experience with people who are starting to wear progressive eyeglasses.
Actually, adaptation or using progressive eyeglasses is not too difficult as everyone think.
Investing in a good pair of eyeglasses and you can live without keeping an eye for a new one regularly. Quality of life has improved related to my work and support my life and the most important thing that we have a pair of eyeglasses is it stay with us all the time more than a close friend and make me work happily ”

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