Professor Avudh Srisukri

Professor Avudh Srisukri

“ ISOPTIK Digital 3D Smart Individual Progressive Eyeglasses,
my eyes were like returning to my youth again. ”

“ I'm 93 years old now. I used to need 3 pairs of eyeglasses.
to looking at each distance. So, I tried progressive eyeglasses.
It's very difficult to adapt. Although it helps us see in many distances but uncomfortable to wear because it is disturbed by distorted images on the side all the time. The focus is slow. After trying to endure with it, it is not getting any better. So, I decided to discuss this problem at the ISOPTIK The H-End Eyeglasses Centre.

Grandmaster Bobi has designed the structure of ISOPTIK Digital 3D Smart Individual Progressive Eyeglasses for me for the first time and I immediately felt that it's different from any other eyeglasses. I can see every distance clearly in split second in every aspect like when I was young. Comfortable to wear all day. I felt that the eyeglasses were a part of my bodies. It increased my power, work faster, lessen fatigue and get better health until the people around me
are surprised.

I dare to confirm that ISOPTIK Digital 3D Smart Individual Progressive Eyeglasses
can help you come back to see the world brightly.
Comfortable to wear, easy to use your eyes all day like me ”

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The ISOPTIK New Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses vs old technology progressive eyeglasses