Mr. Suntawatt Sinacharoen

Mr. Suntawatt Sinacharoen
Chief Executive of Private Company

" Happiness can’t be valued in money "

“ I'm 56 years old. I used an expensive top tier progressive eyeglasses cost around 80,000 baht from other optical stores. Difficult to adaptation. I saw a step in the lenses which is not smooth. Flickering image on the side. I have to turn my head to help me see things in the middle zone. Uncomfortable and fatigue like I got something weird on my face.

After switching ISOPTIK Digital 3D Smart Individual Progressive Eyeglasses. I don’t need to be adapted at all. Crystal Clear At Any Distances in split second and naturally in every aspect without any interruption. When looking up and down, left and right even on the side, I don't feel any separate point and very comfortable.

I want to say that eyeglasses lenses are not the only factor to help you comfortable but frame is a factor too. ISOPTIK can create frame and fit perfectly with your head. ISOPTIK ‘s optician will help you check from the side, upper and lower in 3D angles to calculated the best results to match with the user eyes no matter you look up or down. Lessen your fatigue even you use your eyes throughout the day made you forgot that you wore one.

If you ask me that how worth of value of having good eyeglasses are, it can’t measure with a price. It depends on each person point of view. I can answer fully that the rewards in having a good one is comfortable and happiness because “ Happiness can’t be valued in money ”

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