Ms. Varisa Phantasuporn

Ms. Varisa Phantasuporn
Chief Executive and partner of Costa Village Bangsaray Hotel

ď The price didnít different from other too much, I think it is worth a while Ē

ď Normally, I am a very sensitive person. If there is something wrong with my eyesight, I will have a severe headache. I had tried to make progressive eyeglasses from other optical stores and it didnít work at all but with ISOPTIK, I felt completely different. They have optometrist with the experience more than 10 years and I also recommended my partner to make eyeglasses here too.

My partner has had conjunctivitis regularly and had treated in many places and didnít go away but the ophthalmologist at the ISOPTIK The Hi-End Eyeglasses Centre was able to help and get to the point.

Investing in a good eyeglasses is very worthwhile. If we get dim eyes and not just headaches but it's all related to each other. You will get tired and force focusing since you have to use every function to help your eyes from when you woke up until go to sleep.

I confessed that I just went to make progressive eyeglasses from other optical stores around 90,000 baht. They said that it is a new technology and ISOPTIK canít be matched since the lenses just launched 2 months ago. So, I decide to make 2 progressive eyeglasses from there. With them, I can only see straight forward but got blurred vision on the side even lower zone is blurred turn out I paid to another store more than ISOPTIK. At ISOPTIK, the price is not different. Iím impressed with the progressive eyeglasses from ISOPTIK very much and it is worth. The problems are all gone. Staff with excellent service and Bobi is friendly. Ē

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