Mr. Philip Vira Bunnag

Mr. Philip Vira Bunnag
Former Brand Management Director · Thai Airways International

“ With ISOPTIK Digital 3D Smart Individual Progressive Eyeglasses, uncomfortable, headaches and my vision problems are gone almost completely”

" I am 58 years old and have myopia and astigmatism. I've been wearing eyeglasses since I was a kid. At the age of 40, I have nearsightedness. So, I switched to progressive eyeglasses to help see clearly at all distances but I felt that it's very difficult to adjust.
It took several weeks to get used to it. Focusing is very slow, angle of view is narrow.
You have to turn your head to look straight ahead to see clearly, but if you turn your head quickly, you'll feel that the picture flickered all the time. If you glance to the side, the picture becomes blurry, distorted, not feeling well at all. I make my eyeglasses from many optical stores and endured for many years but nothing is improved. I felt headache very much and blurred vision.

So, try ISOPTIK Digital 3D Smart Individual Progressive Eyeglasses with advanced technology to correct my squints eyes problems and found that it is comfortable. Image focusing very quickly. I turn my head and the image is not flickering with the capable of glancing to the side. Naturally in split second. Uncomfortable, headaches and my vision problems are gone almost completely”

Not long after, I accidentally put on my old progressive eyeglasses with other technology just a few minutes, I felt a severe headache. I endured the pain for a couple of day and the symptoms still there. I rush myself to the famous hospital and scanning my bodies to find the problems but they can’t find the root of the symptoms. So, they transfer me to optometrist department. They asked me about the eyeglasses then they found out that I changed to the old progressive eyeglasses. They find out that the problem came from the old progressive eyeglasses and recommended me to put on the eyeglasses from ISOPTIK. That it, the symptom gone. I can’t believe if I didn’t suffer with my own eyes that the wrong eyeglasses are the problems to the severe cause.

I think if the ISOPTIK Digital 3D Smart Individual Progressive Eyeglasses are broken or damaged from any accident, how can I live my normal life ? Severed headache will be back again and so, I did several spare of progressive eyeglasses from ISOPTIK and wore since then. I recommended you to ISOPTIK ”

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