Mr. Phongamorn Charoennueng

Mr. Phongamorn Charoennueng , Age 34
The guardian of Kewarin Chaorennueng , Age 6

" My daughter development is better respectively compared to the past that difficult to learn, walking slowly, do and see anything were not normal. But with eyeglasses from ISOPTIK, she is back to the track. ”

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She had a strabismus muscle disorder when she was 1 and a half years old and need a surgery. A doctor gives an eyeglasses to control her vision and will solve her problem almost half of the issue. Before, I took her to do an eyeglasses with other optical store. The lens is thick and an eyeglasses always slit and she doesn’t like to wore it. She said that it is not clear made her doesn’t want to wore them all the time. The treatment wasn’t in the track.

After she got the eyeglasses from ISOPTIK, how thing going for her ?

Other patients like her have to do a surgery several time but she won’t needed.
When I took her to follow up with the doctor, it is efficiently and improvement.
A good eyeglasses improve her conditions.

Why are you choosing ISOPTIK ?

I have a faith in ISOPTIK and I also study Optometry.
Grandmaster Bobi Is well-known and I saw talent in him.
I think he can solve my daughter problems.

Any suggestion to other customer ?

Something when I recommended to other, the most answer that I got
are the price is expensive. I wasted my money to other optical store to make
an eyeglasses for her around 5 pieces and cost around 8,000 baht totally 40,000 baht but can’t help my daughter at all and I have to leave them behind. At ISOPTIK, one eyeglasses cost around 50,000 baht but it work great and she wore since then. Other people see that it is expensive and don’t dare to try out but I need something guarantee that “ Expensive but the job done, It okay for me and I’m very happy ”

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