The relationship of Vision quality and Life Quality

Hi everyone, I am Bobi, I am a pioneer in customized progressive lenses made using the latest digital 3 D technology in Asia. Let’s discuss today how quality of vision is significantly related to quality of life. All of us, we may use the eyes to see things, but it is actually our brain that sees things. If the eyes do not have the ability to see clearly, the brain works even harder, pushing the eyes to keep gazing while the brain pulls all the forces so that the eyes can see clearer. This force, if prolonged for longer period of time, is extremely damaging. Without visual aids, the brain will be worked so hard that it loses the ability to do other things it is supposed to do. This is the main reason of eyestrain and fatigue many people experience today.

As a consequence, beginning at the age of 40, most people start to lose the ability to gaze. Prolonged period of incorrect eye - brain working system accumulated over time starts to affect the eye ability to focus at near distance. Those with vision disorders need to seek immediate advice and solution to prevent further loss of brain productivity. In many cases, these visual problems are the cause of eyestrain, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and many other symptoms.

ISOPTIK vision and eyeglasses center has been doing extensive research and utilize cutting-edge technology to provide products and service to support those who have visual problems, to regain the eyesight that allows them to have natural crystal clear vision at all distance, at every split second, with the ultimate wearing comfort. The tailored optimized ultra-progressive eyeglasses are made using the latest digital 3 D technology, that makes it possible for 40 - 90 years old eyeglasses users to regain the natural crystal clear vision they used to have when they were in their teenage years. Brain and eyes are partners in vision, so improving the quality of vision will allow the eyeglasses wearers to make the most of their brain by leaps and bounds.

Bobi’s childhood was full of inspiring experiences, which he received by constantly being around his father at Sawang Optical in Trang Province. Bobi stated, “ I had always dreamed of becoming the world’s best eyeglasses maker since I was about 7 years old. One day, a regular customer who had moved away to Chiang Mai, revisited our optical boutique. We had not seen him for quite some time. He basically complained about the difficulty of searching for a decent optical place after he moved to the North, and ended up having to travel all the way back to see my father for his eyeglasses. His complain also came with the question, “ What would I do if one day you are around? ” My father pointed his finger at the seven-year-old me along with his answer, “ this boy will serve you the best eyeglasses, sir ”. That one sentence basically lit up the fire of inspiration in me. It became clear to me that day, that I wanted to be the world’s best eyeglasses maker.

That night, I had a dream. In my dream, thousands of world renowned nobles flew purposely to see me, asked me to make the best eyeglasses for them. I ran to my father right after I woke up. He gave me the sweetest smile and said, “ Only believe, there is nothing you cannot do ”. From that moment on, I breathed in and out merely the determination to be the world’s best eyeglasses maker. I believed in myself, that I would become the world’s best eyeglasses makers that will not only bring good vision, but also great life to those with visual problems.

After spending years and years on studies and researches, Bobi was finally able to make himself recognized for making the best customized progressive eyeglasses that comes with the ultimate wearing comfort for his customers. The most common problem many eyeglasses wearers have to put up with, is the old technologically made eyeglasses that create flashing images during the head turns, alongside with distortion image during side glances. Furthermore, some of these eyeglasses cause false distance speculation to the wearers, which is seriously dangerous especially when walk up and down sloping and uneven ground. These eyeglasses normally demand the wearers to adjust themselves to the lenses, resulting in them having to push harder effort to gaze in order to see clearer.

Realizing the aforementioned problem, Bobi has innovatively designed a unique eye examination system that analyzes customers’ overall viewing behavior and visual problems by introducing the advanced digital 3 D technology, which can significantly give results that are more thorough than that of European standard. This technique gives an accurate assessment which enables Bobi to create high power index lenses through his immaculate lens structure design to produce the comfortable wearing customized ultra-progressive eyeglasses that promise the perfect crystal clear vision that makes the wearers feel naturally youthful again.

To be able to produce such high end eyewear pieces, a high qualified team of staff is needed. At ISOPTIK, Doctor of Optometry, Ophthalmologist and eyeglasses assemblers are fully expertise, well trained, and devoted. Every small details count, and are accounted for each making of the eyeglasses. Each pair of eyeglasses is created with different sphere power based on the description. Some are made with 3,5, or 8 - degree spherical power, depending on factors such as the general usage of eyeglasses and the facial structure of the wearers.

At ISOPTIK, we proudly make eyeglasses that fit best with customers’ lifestyles and taste preferences. The price for each pair varies from 21,800 THB to 20 Million THB. The ones I am holding in my hand are tailored made with platinum, studded with 30 pieces of diamond. These are 980,000 THB. We also have a pair of eyeglasses adorned in pink diamonds at the price of 20 Million Baht.

We also have a full selection of eyeglasses for everybody. The tailored frame for progressive eyeglasses starts from 4,800 THB.

Progressive lenses at ISOPTIK are available at price starting from 18,800 THB to 600,000 THB. If you are interested, please contact +66 97-454-9944 to make an appointment to see Bobi. Alternatively, you can also contact us via Facebook or Line. We would like to invite you to come in and learn more about what we have to offer. See it to believe it, so that you can make your own decision whether our eyeglasses are worth the price. If your lifestyles or professions involve activities that require high quality of vision, please spare some time to visit us to see how we can give the vision that will change your life.

ISOPTIK offers a wide range of customized products and service that suit each customer’s viewing behavior and lifestyles. The eyeglasses of today must be able to provide the kind of vision quality that allow wearers to live life to the fullest. With the right eyeglasses, the wearers are able to enjoy and be more productive at work while being less tired and weary.

In Contrast, most of the eyeglasses available in the market today demand the wearers to make adjustment to them because of they are mass - produced using the old technology. These eyeglasses make the wearers feel old, maybe older than they actually are since the eyeglasses always make them feel tired.

AT ISOPTIK, we have successfully rejuvenate the vision senior customers by giving them the high quality eyeglasses that bring back the natural visual clarity they once had in their teenage years. Our progressive eyeglasses provide the freedom of sight and seeing to the customers. No matter how old they might be, our eyeglasses promise the visual clarity of teenagers at all distance. If you are interested in having the highest quality of vision, please make appointment at least 3 days in advance to meet with me, Bobi, at ISOPTIK office. Lenses are personally designed by me through customization. I myself perform the quality control of each pair of eyeglasses before the eyeglasses are released to customers, to ensure the premium quality of the products at the price that is affordable within the range of each customer’s budget.

Price for a pair of lenses starting from 18,800 THB – 600,000 THB. Lenses come with satisfaction guarantee and 180 - day warranty without conditions. Three - year lens coating warranty is also offered with the lenses.

ISOPTIK currently employs 28 staffs, who have been working tirelessly to give the best service to the customers. I am truly thankful to have the best team of staff who share the same goal and objectives in serving and supporting ISOPTIK’s customers.

In the near future, we are getting ourselves prepared to get listed in the stock exchange market hoping to raise funding to establish ISOPTIK branches in major cities worldwide, so that people in other countries have an access to greater quality of vision.

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