Sensing the Kind of Beauty that can only be through Good Vision

“ Eyeglasses for the better life ”. For many people, this saying might sound like an advertising that is too good to be true. They might think that “the eyeglasses for the better life” are unreal.

The eyeglasses for the better life, can either be real or unreal. It totally depends on how you value you’re the quality of your vision. What does “ vision ” mean to you and your life ? Are you willing to open up your mind for the better and greater visionary innovation ?

Sight is the sense that humans tend to rely on the most, therefore, eyes are the one of the most used organ in the entire body. They are among the first organs that are put to work right after we wake up every day, and they are among the last we put to rest at the end of the day when we are about to sleep. Through our eyes, we send the information onto the brain, so that the brain interprets what the eyes see into image. For the brain to function well, we need to have good eyes and good vision, so that the brain does not have to work harder than it should.

Vision provides us everything, income, happiness, sense of security and safety. Nevertheless, we always take our eyes and vision for granted. We hardly give significance about how we could maintain or improve our vision. We join the gym and fitness center, we purchase high quality sports shoes, we work out very hard, we take several imported supplements in order to take care of our body. We even spend millions on all kinds of surgery so that we look forever young and beautiful.

How many times do we actually think about our eyes and quality of our vision? Do we even care to know how tired and weak our eyes are ? We all want to have that “ look ” we used to have when we were younger but do we care to have that “ vision ” we once had as well?

When we have illnesses, we try so hard to search for the best specialized doctor to treat us. But when it comes to your eyeglasses, you do not care to search for the best optical place to go to for your eyeglasses. You take things for granted by making decision to pick a random optical place for your eyeglasses thinking that they would all be the same ? Do you even make an attempt to search for the best optician to create the eyeglasses that are meant to be a part of your most used organs, “the eyes”? Have you ever thought about a caring project to maintain and enhance the health of your eyes so that they work effectively with the highest potential ?

You are willing to pay a large amount of money on expensive and high end stuff like HD computer screen or television for the best quality of the image. At the same time, you are also willing to pay over a hundred thousand for the newest model of mobile phone, camera and lens to get the best quality of photographs with wider angle of view. Nevertheless, you are not comfortable with the idea of paying more for the sake of your own eyes and better quality of vision. Sometimes, you may forget that some beauty in this world can only be seen and sensed through our eyes. To be able to see, to perceive, witness, and absorb that kind of beauty through your own eyes – that is much better and worthwhile than seeing it from photographs or through monitors and screens. Some split second of moments of your success or achievements may not be recorded in time by cameras but they can certainly be recorded through good vision. Good vision permits a transfer of visual clarity to your brain and it will forever be recorded internally in there.

Your brain is like a big drawer of all good memories that you can open it and take out the great moments of your life to cherish eternally, at any time and anywhere. Be it the moon, fireflies, stars, rainbow, etc – these are things that are not easily photographed unless you have the best of the best camera and devices. But these things can definitely be photographed and recorded by your own good vision. Some beauty in this world, especially of the nature, does not last long enough. If the beauty is right in front of your eyes, it would be tremendously sad if you are not able to capture the beautiful moments through your own eyes.

In addition, the safety in your and your loved ones’ life, many times, depend upon your vision. It is undeniable that these days, the most convenient way to commute is by using your personal vehicles. Again, you are more than willing to pay for expensive cars that promise top performance and engine with several options that are meant to give the highest safety for you and your loved ones. However, you may forget that, no matter how expensive your car and all those premium options are, they would all be useless if the person sitting behind the wheel were driving with poor vision. Good vision is actually the first thing required for safe driving so that you can see the road signs and the surroundings clearly. Your eyes need to work well enough so that you are able to notice everything around you. All those safety add-ons in your vehicle, be it the airbags or high technological devices, would mean nothing, and would not provide safety if you were visionary impaired. This is even more crucial for night driving. People wearing contact lenses tend to see rays of light that are over, which could blur their vision. If we think it is worth spending a lot of money on expensive car so that it comes with all the safety attributes, it is also worth paying more for better quality eyeglasses for the best quality of vision and the safety of you yourself and your loved ones.

How could a pair of eyeglasses change lives ? This is certainly the kind of question popping up in many people’s mind when they hear about ISOPTIK and our ultra-progressive eyeglasses. What we have been telling our customers is not a fairy tale. It is our primary objective to create the best eyeglasses for our customers. The eyeglasses that allow them to work more effectively and efficiently. We customize the eyeglasses that suit best with the wearers, as we want these eyeglasses to empower their brain at the highest level possible, resulting in sharp thinking and accurate decision making. Better work life brings wealth and happiness and eventually, the best quality of life. Good eyeglasses allow the wearers to enjoy life to the fullest, bring them the energy and power to work and do all kinds of things that best fit with their lifestyles. This is pretty much they summary of how ISOPTIK’s ultra-progressive eyeglasses can change lives.

Then, why do our eyeglasses have to be so expensive? We get asked all the time. The answer is so simple, at ISOPTIK, we do not just sell the eyeglasses, we sell good quality of vision that allows you to see crystal clear at all distance and every split second. Good quality of vision will empower your brain to the maximum level, allowing the eyeglasses wearers to be more productive in terms of work and living life. It is our passion to maintain our customers’ best quality of vision for as long as possible. Care is also in the package of things we sell to our customers besides the product and the service. Their satisfaction is always our primary objective.

Each eye works as messenger transmitting the signal to the brain to interpret what the eyes see and then, the image is formed. People with eye problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, crossed eye, squint eye, or stereoscopic vision problem – are basically visionary impaired, so their brain automatically force the eye muscles to work harder, to gaze at things for a longer period of time in order to see clearer. This significantly reduces the brain productivity, and eventually leads to the eyeglasses wearers feeling fatigue and weary.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could make all those problems go away and replace the problems with the crystal clear vision for each eye ? When both eyes work well in coordination, the vision perceived is crystal clear with the perfect three-dimension depth. This is the ultimate solution to reduce the workload of your brain, and at the same time empower the brain to work more effectively and efficiently. Work-life balance wise, the crystal clear vision will improve every facet of your life. You will be able to enjoy work much better. For those whose work requires creativity, ideas generating, or analytical thinking, having the best vision allows your brain to work at the highest potential. The brain that is more productive leads to better work outcomes and the quality of life as a whole.

The reason why we sell products at premium price, is based on the customization and detailed process in the making of each pair of eyeglasses. Because it is our desire to make the products that convey only the best quality, first we perform a high standard eye examination, making an analysis from binocular viewing and viewing behavior test, determining the size of each customer’s pupils including the center position of each eye to design the lenses. Then, we make the tailored-made eyeglasses that promise not only natural images at all eye angles, glances, and distances, but also the wearing comfort that do not demand drastic adjustment from the wearers.

Our eyeglasses do not demand the wearers to make drastic adjustment, the customized lenses design and the intricate making process create the eyeglasses that adjust themselves to the wearers. With the right and perfect lens structure, eyeglasses wearers no longer have to be bothered by peripheral vision distortion or flashing images from the head turns.

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