How ISOPTIK’s eyeglasses can improve your brain power and energy.

If you are curious to find out how ISOPTIK’s eyeglasses can improve your brain power and energy in leaps and bounds, please stop by or make a visit to see for yourself the quality of vision that we have to offer. We would love to welcome you to try on our Ultra Individual Progressive Eyeglasses made employing the most advanced digital 3D technology at Bangkok’s finest eyeglasses boutique, ISOPTIK. The eye and vision test including assessment of viewing behavior and eye health examination are conducted thoroughly by our professional Ophthalmologist. The fee is 1,000 THB per session. The session also includes lens structure and eyeglasses frame design and trial. The whole process could take up to three hours. Please make an appointment in advance to ensure that you receive the convenience of fast service and premium care from our staff.

If you experience an unusual change of vision, please do not ignore the symptom and let the situation prolong. Why? Right after the part of your brain that controls vision realizes that you have a vision problem, it automatically sends a signal to your eyes that they need to work harder in order to see better and clearer. The process automatically and slowly reduces the efficiency of your brain. Leaving the problem uncorrected will affect the whole brain function, and lead to symptoms like eye fatigue, eyestrain, extreme headaches and migraines. Patients who experience these aforementioned symptoms, if wrongly diagnosed, could end up having to take unnecessary prescribed medicines. The side effects of these medicines could cause other physical illnesses as the patients get older.

Naturally, the quality of our vision decreases as we get older. This is the main reason why our brain has to work harder as we age. As the ability to see decreases, the brain automatically tells the eyes to work harder. Most of the people would assume, that this is all because we are seriously getting old. It is partially true, but it can be corrected by a good pair of eyeglasses.

The technology of single focal eyeglasses commenced over 700 years ago as a visual aid for those who experienced farsightedness. The technology was utilized to improve the quality near objects vision for those who needed, but the invention significantly decreases the ability of the eyeglasses wearers to stare and focus, perhaps faster than what it should normally be. In your daily life, if you wear reading glasses, and accidentally look further than the range of your lenses focusing ability, your visualizing system forces your eyes and your brain to adjust themselves to that focus range, which causes headache, eyestrain and fatigues. Result ? you eventually have to renew your eyeglasses prescription sooner than you actually have to.

These mentioned problems can be fixed by progressive eyeglasses. Nowadays, progressive eyeglasses are available at almost every optical stores worldwide. However, they are not cheap, and yet, are still made using outdated technology and lens structure, which deliver unclear and poor quality of vision. Furthermore, peripheral vision distortion often occurs. Many wearers have trouble adjusting to the changing power of the lenses from distance to near vision and the slow focusing ability of the lenses. All these setbacks lead to continuous eye movements causing the wearers the wearing discomfort and other related symptoms such as headaches and eyestrain.

At ISOPTIK– we offer an expertise in the making of customized Smart Progressive Eyeglasses made using advanced 3D digital technology that delivers the best quality of vision according to individual eye test analysis and viewing behavior assessment. Unlike any other general standard eyeglasses, ISOPTIK’s eyepieces promise to give fast image focusing ability and crystal clear vision at every split second accompanied by the ultimate wearing comfort. We believe that an excellent pair of eyeglasses can improve your brain power drastically, as a result, you feel more empowered and energized like you once felt in your adolescence years of age.

The number of Bobi’s customers increase every year. These customers come from all over the world specifically to have their eyeglasses made with the Master of Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive eyeglasses making. Bobi had envisioned that this would happen over 40 years ago. His childhood dreams of becoming the world’s leading eyeglasses maker is now the reality that many of his customers have had the opportunity to witness. Bobi takes great pride in upbringing his customers’ quality of life by giving the highest quality of their vision.

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