How to Clean Eyeglasses

Technical knowledge presented by ISOPTIK. This video contains techniques on how to clean eyeglasses with ISOPTIK foam.

Materials Needed : A small tub of water, ISOPTIK cleaning foam , tissues and eyeglasses's cloth ( microfiber cloth ).

First, bath an eyeglasses you wished to be clean in the tub filled with water. Then squeeze with cleansing foam on both sides of the lenses and rub them on the lenses and the frames as well. A cleansing foam from ISOPTIK will not only cleans the lenses but also protects the surface of the lenses as well.

For higher effectiveness , we recommended you to hold the centre of the eyeglasses where the nose patch is while rubbing the eyeglasses. After that, dip the eyeglasses back into the tub and clean the foam out thoroughly.

Next, use a tissue to absorb all the water from your eyeglasses.

Finally, use the microfiber cloth to clean the lenses once again. Wipe in the same direction otherwise scratches will got caught on your lenses.

With just a few step , eyeglasses is ready for your action. ( Daily wash recommmended )
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