Perfect Vision - Living In Thailand ( September 2007 )

"I was born in an optic shop," says Bobi, "growing up watching my father make hi-end eyeglasses. The high price tag matched his quality. He was my inspiration to open ISOPTIK, the only optic shop in the world selling only hi-end eyeglasses."

I can remember playing in the shop as a child," he continues, "and a customer asked my father who would take care of his eyeglasses if he were to die. He looked across the shop and pointed to me. 'That boy is my son Bobi, when I am gone he is the one who will be taking care of your vision.' Today I am taking care of the fourth generation of his original customers. The legacy of my father and the way I have continued his vision for vision has helped me to have gained the unique trust from my customers which has built my business."

Life is too short to limit your vision," he says "just getting better vision from changing your eyeglasses is not good enough, for me only the best is acceptable."

I do what I believe in which is better vision helps you to work better and have a more successful life," he adds, "and I will do whatever it takes to make my customers share in my belief."

People need leaders," he explains, "and I see my role in life as a leader for better vision. For example one day a husband may come to my shop and I test his eyes and the hi-end eyeglasses allow him to see the world with total clarity, he is satisfied. A few days later he will return with his wife and kids so that they two can have this precious gift - perfect vision."

My inspiration comes from the happiness of my customers, I don't do it just for money."

The way a customer is treated at ISOPTIK is totally different than in any other shop. The customer isn't greeted by hard sell, rather they are asked to take a seat and relax and share with me one of my other passions in life, good coffee. Because I like the best coffee I so want to share that, too. The heaving smell of a freshly drawn espresso taken as a single shot without milk or sugar. Good coffee like good vision can make life more beautiful and I get pleasure in sharing the good things in life with my customers.

Normally I have two cups of coffee a day one after lunch the other in the afternoon. I like an Italian roast with just a touch of Brazilian, but the precise percentages remain a personal secret

Coffee is a great tool of friendship and by sharing a cup with my customer I get to know what they are really looking for. Often when they come to the shop, they reveal that ISOPTIK is the one hi-end eyeglasses centre they have been searching for in their life and are happy to have found me.

It still amazes me that there are 10 million mega rich people in the world who still can't find where to go to find hi-end eyeglasses for the perfect vision. 99.999% of optic shops around the world don't believe they will pay our 100,000 baht price tag but they are wrong. Everyday the rich are looking for the best eyeglasses they can buy for their life but until now haven't been able to find it. If they come to ISOPTIK and talk with me, Bobi, they will."

Don't look at it as a high price tag on a consumer product," he continues, "buying a pair of hi-end eyeglasses at ISOPTIK is an investment in life. Having crystal clear vision means that you can work harder and smarter without getting tired. This means your income grows and you get a better life." "Ask your self one question" he asks, "are you really saving money by buying cheaper eyeglasses to limit your vision , your work and your life."

With cosmetic surgery a person's body can be made to look younger," he adds, "similarly ISOPTIK hi-end eyeglasses enables a customer of 60 to restore their vision as if they were 30 years old again, no painful surgery just put on a pair of our hi-end eyeglasses and let us turn back the hands of time."

I am totally committed to my work," he says, "I have brought the happiness of crystal clear vision to over 30,000 with my hi-end eyeglasses. In the last year I haven't taken a single day off so that I can be in my shop for customers."

I am so confident in the quality of the product we offer that if my customer is not totally satisfied in six months I will give them a full instant refund. The only question I ask is if they want cash or a cheque. Even if they aren't happy with the frames they chose I would replace them. The cost is of no importance, all that matters to me is that my customer feels happy and proud with hi-end eyeglasses from ISOPTIK."

Nowaday, ISOPTIK had moved to

AIA CAPITAL CENTER ( AIACC ) Building, 2nd floor , Room 208 plaza zone , located on Ratchadapisek Road , 20 meters futher from The Embassy of the People's Republic of China , Next to the “ Stock Exchange of Thailand ” building and 120 meters just before the MRT Thailand Cultural Centre station.

Opening every Tuesday to Saturday at 11:00 - 19:00
Close every Sunday and Monday
Reservation : 086-565-5711 or 086-970-0794

For the map and guideline, please visit our link below :

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