Life is Beautiful and Sight is Life - Expression ( April 2018 )

Only believe, says Bobi passionately. The creator of ISOPTIK, The Hi-End Eyeglasses Centre legendary for its cutting edge prescription glasses, repeats himself, “ Only Believe in Yourself. God blessings multiply several folds, unceasingly... you just have to believe in yourself. ” His belief has put him in the vanguard of the new Ultra Individual Progressive Eyeglasses Technology and Top-End Eye Care business. Says he, “ I am proud to have proven to the world that a Thai national makes The Best Customised Progressive Eyeglasses’ of the latest technology in the world. ” A technology that is sought all around the world.

At 52, Bobi looks a decade younger, his face radiating an enviable calmness, adds, “ I want the coming generations to understand that all you need to do is follow your ambition and you can become the specialist or entrepreneur. But first we must believe in ourselves and release your power. Stop thinking that you cannot do this and restrict yourselves. Be optimistic and trust your ability. Even though, it may not be easy to discover yourself and your interests. Find out what you do best and continue to grow every day and advance everyday till you forget day and night doing it. That is your dream. Don’t follow other people’s dream. ”

“ Whenever we pursue something, think of advancing it every day and one day we will wake up realising that we have become the best in that area. Dream and don’t let thoughts of those who may crush our dreams be a factor in your lives. I ask of parents to not crush their child’s dreams. I am aware that in some family, they wish for their child to be a doctor and have stable, recognized positions in their career but where is your child happiness in this equation is? Happiness comes from doing what one enjoys best. If your child has a dream, don’t crush them. Instead, observe and support them. If your child dreams of becoming a chef who makes the most delicious stir-fried vegetables, I guarantee that in the future that child will become rich and famous because people from around the world will travel to eat his food. ”

“ I have met people who have no dream… they just live day by day…. Just exist. They believe in nothing..we can’t live without belief. Lots of parents force their children to do things they want them to do. That’s wrong. ”

Bobi speaks from his experience, he was given the space to follow his passion, a passion he discovered while just a child watching his father, Mr. Sawang of Sawang Optical in Trang (a high-end eyeglasses boutique established over 50 years) helping his clients.

" My father was a pioneer in Thailand in this business. He was the first to use 3D eye examination in Thailand as it resulted in precise and most accurate assessment and measurements using Germany’s most advanced technology. His attention to detail and immaculate work were admired by his customers who were willing to pay for the best quality eyeglasses. His customised masterpieces screamed delicacy and perfection. This attention to detail; became the foundation of my work– every single piece of work has to be perfect. ”

“ Back then, I still had no clue about what it took make a good pair of eyeglasses. One day, a VIP customer who had moved to Chiang Mai returned for another pair of eyeglasses, “ What will I do if one day you are not around? ” My father pointed at me – I was seven-years-old and said, ‘ this boy will serve you the best eyeglasses ’. That night I dreamt of people flying in from all around the world to me for the perfect glasses. I told my father of the dream and he said, ‘ Only believe, there is nothing you cannot do ’. ”

Bobi went on to crystallise his dream knowing that the keystone to success was knowledge and research, “From that day, I breathed in and out the determination to be the world’s best eyeglasses maker. I learnt from my father, doing research and learning from experts the world over. I just wanted to further develop my father’s work.”

The key to ISOPTIK’s enviable success has been this determination, a determination that has resulted in the ‘progressive lenses system’. Explains Bobi, “ I has spent years on study and research trying to develop techniques to make the best eyeglasses and today I am recognised and widely credited for my work on The Customised Smart Progressive Eyeglasses made using Digital 3D Advanced Technology. ”

The most commonly used and available technology fits customers with high-priced progressive lenses that are semi-finished and come with the fixed lenses structure. Explains Bobi, “ These are not designed as per different binocular viewing test of each wearer and require the wearers to adjust themselves to the lenses ” In these lenses the changing of lenses power at different distances is not smooth enough, couple this with slow focusing ability of the lenses and you have a user who is stressed. Plus these old progressive eyeglasses do not deliver comfort ; they create flashing images during the head turns, alongside with peripheral image distortion during side glances. Many wearers have false distance speculation while moving, driving, or walking up and down slopes and uneven ground.”

What ISOPTIK promises instead are “eyeglasses purely based on a customisation process. The Digital 3D Technology promises the most accurate and precise results to create The Eyeglasses that deliver Instant Crystal Clear Vision At Any Distances like when they were young. We do not sell only eyeglasses, but we provide you the highest vision quality to bring you the Better Life at the maximum level.”

A perfectly created pair of Smart Progressive Eyeglasses ensures you never have to carry multiple glasses around. Besides Bifocal glasses, asserts Bobi, put a greater strain on the wearer, “ Bifocal glasses significantly decrease the ability of the wearer to gaze and focus, perhaps faster than what it should normally be. In your daily life, if you are wearing reading glasses, and accidentally look further than the range of your lenses focusing ability, your visualising system forces your eyes and your brain to adjust themselves to that focus range, which causes a headache, eyestrain and fatigues. Result? you eventually have to renew your eyeglasses prescription sooner than you actually have to. Plus having to keep taking eyeglasses on and off, or looking above the top of eyeglasses to see distance objects is simply awkward. It is extremely inconvenient especially for those who have both presbyopia and nearsightedness, or for those who have both farsightedness and astigmatism at far distance. Some wearers have to own up to two or three pairs of eyeglasses, and use them alternatively. It is awfully inconvenient. ”

So what should one look for in prescription lenses? “ The Best Eyeglasses must deliver supreme wearing comfort, crystal clear vision, and boost the brain power. The basic principle of creating the best eyeglasses is to create the eyeglasses that give the supreme wearing comfort at all times -- the wearers must feel as if they are not wearing any eyeglasses at all. At ISOPTIK, our 80 year-old customers must feel like they have the eyes of the 30-year-old again. ”

The research and development team at ISOPTIK never stops; their New Ultra Individual Digital 3D Progressive Eyeglasses are a result of this intense work. Adds Bobi, “ We are devoted to making the best customised ultra-progressive eyeglasses for our customers which deliver the highest quality of vision that is natural and real, according to each customer’s viewing behaviour. Our eye examination process also includes the binocular viewing test, which contributes to accurate details for lenses design. Our lenses promise natural images at all eye angles, glances, and distances. ”

ISOPTIK lenses are designed based on the painstaking measurements and analysis of each customer’s eye examination. The prototype lenses then follow, and are mounted into a frame so that the customers can have real time trial under the real life situations. Explains Bobi, “ Every little detail of each customer matters -- the facial features, head shape, lifestyle, including the viewing behaviour ”. The facial structure is also analysed using 3D digital technology – the results are applied to the final manufacturing and mounting of the lenses. “ I take my time to carefully examine each pair of eyeglasses after they are finalized and finished in order to reassure that all eyeglasses are flawless. Vision clarity needs to be tested real-time to accommodate the wearers’ real viewing behaviour. ”

Besides determining the customer’s needs it is important to determine which eye is dominant and whether it matches with the customer’s dominant hand. This is very important in visibility analysis for three-dimensional analysis for creating The Most Efficient Ultra Individual Digital 3D Progressive Eyeglasses. And this is just the beginning of the detailed tests conducted and measurements taken, every aspect is looked into. Once the lenses are crafted, they are put through another battery of tests and a frame is custom designed. Then comes the final lenses check, which says Bobi is, “ 25 times more detailed than the European quality control standards for 30 minute. If the errors were found in the lenses, we order a new set right away. ”

Adds Bobi, “ I am determined to develop ISOPTIK to be The World’s Best Progressive Eyeglasses Centre, and to make the finest customised eyeglasses that deliver the wearing comfort at all distances and angles. We offer not only quality eyeglasses, but also the highest quality of vision. Every spilt second counts. ”

“ I am a perfectionist. Therefore, whatever it is that I want to put my hands on, it has to come out perfect. Every pair of eyeglasses I make for my customers has to work perfectly and flawlessly. The ISOPTIK Eyeglasses have to maximize not only my customers’ overall vision at any distances but maximum their brain power. ”

ISOPTIK, reveals Bobi, has been constantly researching and developing techniques for eye examination that give precise measurements and accurate analysis, “ Our team of staff includes eye doctors; whose primary duty is to focus on each customer’s comprehensive eye care check-up. Any cases of abnormal eye health detected would be handed on to the right eye doctor for proper treatment in order to reduce the future risk of deteriorating the customers’ quality of vision. Our process puts customers first, combining great quality with the highest standard of service. We continue to expand our customer’s base and target to reach 1 million customers in the near future. ”

Describing himself as an ‘ extremist ’ Bobi explains, “ If I want to achieve something, I will go extra miles to make it happen. Before committing myself to something, first I think, and then I decide. If I do not think I can do it well, I will not do it at all. But if I decide to do something, that means I think I can do it well, and I would do my best to reach my goals. ISOPTIK is now prepared to get listed on the stock exchange and grow. ”

“ Our service sets us apart from the other eyeglasses boutiques. We sell not only the eyeglasses but also the quality of vision that includes lifetime service and best vision guaranteed to our customers. We are determined to be the world’s best vision care provider, we are currently working on global franchising business opportunity, starting with China. ”

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