From Grandmaster Bobi : Digging into Grandmaster Bobií s extraordinary perspective

From Bobi : Digging into Bobií s extraordinary perspective

People often regard me as weird, too straight forward where it scares them and a devoted believer of God. I prefer the extremes. Hence, gray zones or middle path rarely exist in my life. For me, it is either left or right. Nothing in between. If I were to do something and I think it is probably not worth it, then I will not do it. But, whenever I put my mind towards something, I will put my all into it for the best outcomes. Even if it means life or death, I will finish it. I have to finish it. So it is understandable if other people donít understand.

This is who I am. I was born like this. Many people who knows me think of me as the person of extremes and the most straight forward person on earth.

Measuring CVD

For most people in war, if they realized that their opponents have higher hands they will not fight. If the axe is their weapon and the opponentsí weapon is trash, they will fight. However if the opponentís weapon is a thick piece of steel, they will retreat and not fight their opponents for the fear of losing. I am the type of person who will fight steel with trash because I believe once the trash is moved at the highest speed possible, it can cut through anything. It can even split a tank, if it wishes to. I am ready to die for what I believe in. Once I believe, I have no regrets, nohesitations or care for the future. Because if I donít follow what I believe in, I will not be able to sleep at night.

When I was young. People would tell me that my dreams are crazy, pompous and fanciful dreams. People teas me to the point where I wonder why they cannot see what I see. It feels lonely to be the only one in understanding. Perhaps, it is because I believe and see what others donít. It is hard to make anyone understand me and my dreams because of their lack in faith and it is not their fault.

Measuring the distance between the centers of the eyes

Throughout schoolings, I have always feel bored in classes. Everything is boring in school which then results in lack of motivation to study.

I attended Buranarumluk School, when I was young. It is one of the strictest schools in Thailand. No students was allowed to ride motorcycles. Girls werenít allowed to wear t-shirts and shorts. Hair styling was also prohibited and long hair must be in braids at all time.

Boys werenít allowed to wear long pants and the school prohibits all luxury items. Not a single day goes by without me getting spanks from the teachers. I eventually got used to receiving spankings. I was always the second lowest ranked in class. I didnít have a care for studying, doing homework or reading books. I never submitted any homework assignments, so I did not have a lot of cumulative grades. However, I had always managed to pass every examinations because I understood the materials. I was just bored of the educational system and the way knowledge is taught in the school. However, all that changed when I entered the 7th grade.

There was a math teacher named Marnsri. Everyone was scared of her. One day in math class, the content was so difficult that no one in the class was able to even start solving the problems. I thought why we needed 10 steps of solving this math problem in the first place. Why simple things get turned into difficult challenges. I solved the problem that no one could within 3 steps and asked for the teacherís permission and illustrated my methodology on the board. The teacher smiled.

After that event, teacher Marnsri and other teachers in the school started to understand me better and gave me more opportunity in becoming studentís representative in many events and activities. We all needed some guidance when we are younger. Like a compass. Many teens today feel lost; they need a compass who will help spark these teens and unlock them like someone unlocking their cars.

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I used to be jealous of the smart kids in class, always getting the highest grades in every examinations. Now, looking back at my schools friends, the gaps between me and them are increasing even though I have always thought that those with higher grades will become more successful in their later lives.

Many people misunderstands that success comes from studying hard and doing well in schools. The problem is you ended up being only book smart and only knowing what is within the books. For example: when sales drops, the books tell you to have price deductions, freebies and more advertisements. However, the book does nottell you what to do when there is an increasing number of competitors in the market. Being book-smart cannot and will not get you very far.

Measuring the curvature of the surface of the glasses

I always like to think outside the box. I put in huge investments and introduced the latest technology The ISOPTIK Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses with the pricing at 2 million per pair this year while the economy is at its low point. I introduced it through the campaign of free lens changes for up to 18 pairs and the product warrantee for up to 30 years. The campaign turned out every successful with high sale rates within just a few days. There is a waitlist and some customers have to wait for 3 months for the eyeglasses.

Every problems contains many solutions. It could have be because of my constant curiosity and 24 hours thinking from the moment I wake up. Sometimes I thought of 100 things within my 5 minutesí walk to the bathroom. I go through so many thoughts at once that I needed 5 secretaries for work.

Pupillary Distant ( PD ) By MasterBobi

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