Why LINDBERG from ISOPTIK is so good ?

1. Special reasonable price

2. Measuring all relevant components to make them perfectly fit to the wearer including face shape, the width of Nose Bridge, the width of temples and the length from Nose Bridge to helix in order to bring the most compatible and comfortable LINDBERG frame in order to meet the wearer’s personality.

3. Once obtaining the right measurement, then pinpoint the frame’s positions with 3 D technology for Bobi to design the each pair of eyeglasses lens and send the data to Germany to produce. After receiving the lenses from Germany, Bobi always inspect on lens powers with finest digital technology which go through high resolution of 0.01 diopters. Lastly , the lenses will be sanded and put into frame at the precision of 0.01 millimeter refinement.

4. Once lenses and frame are put together , Bobi will conduct quality control check for the precision and accuracy of the lenses and glasses to ensure that they will be the master piece which will offer the best vision quality from the maximum capacity of the latest technology.

5. Once customer visits the shop to collect the glasses , Bobi will ask the customer to try them on so that he can run thorough final check on the glasses to ensure that they reach the best vision.

6. ISOPTIK has no hesitation to guarantee the customer satisfaction. Bobi determination is that “ ISOPTIK not only sells the glasses offering the best vision in the world , but also aims to maintain the customer’s visual quality to be with them for as long as possible because we believe that life is beautiful and sight is life. ”

7. ISOPTIK offers 5 year guarantee for LINDBERG frames covering the damage from accident ( 1 time ). Please note that the warrantee doesn’t cover the loss of the glasses.

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