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Testimonial • Mr. Brent W. Clegg

My name is Brent W. Clegg, and I started wearing glasses about 20 years ago. During 2000 whilst living in South Africa, I had Lasik surgery to correct Myopia. Unfortunately this went drastically wrong in my left eye which left me needing a cornea transplant. This cornea did not take and I developed an infection which destroyed the transplanted cornea, leading to another very painful cornea transplant. Due to the extensive use of drugs overthe period of transplants I was told that I now needed an artificial lens as mine was clouding and developing a cataract, this was duly done.

After a period of a few months of not being able to focus properly, it was discovered that an incorrect lens had been implanted, and again I underwent another operation to implant a correct lens. I then had more Lasik to the left eye to correct my vision. Due to all the trauma to the eye I was left with a severe astigmatism and week vision in the left eye, and an aversion to more corrective surgery with Lasik.

Its now 2013 and I am now based in Bangkok Thailand traveling extensively throughout Southeast Asia promoting my business, Autus Members Club. During one business commute in 2009 I read of ISOPTIK : The Hi-End Eyeglasses Centre based in the Erawan Bangkok 4th floor, in an inflight magazine, and my vision was about to change again, this time positively!

After making an appointment with the ebullient Master Bobi, the Hi-End Progressive Spectacle Specialist. I was prescribed Rodenstock hi-end progressive spectacle lenses which are definitely' state of the art‘ when it comes to eye technology, with larger visual zones and sharper near vision, giving me the best vision and most comfort in 20 years. I fully endorse that anyone with failing eyesight should consider Rodenstock hi-end progressive spectacle lenses before embarking on corrective surgery, and if you're currently wearing spectacles, treat yourself to Rodenstock, see the world as it should be seen.

" Only Believe "

Master Bobi Hotline : +66 81-538-4200 every day from 11:00 - 19:00
LINE ID : masterbobi
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