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Ultra Progressive Eyeglasses • People look with their eyes, but see with their brain.

People look with their eyes, but see with their brain.

The most natural and comfortable feeling of having a crystal clear vision at every split second belongs to those who are in their adolescence years of age. However, this ability tends to start fading away right after you reach the age of 30. The effectiveness of your brain functionality starts to decline. Therefore, you feel tired and fatigued easily especially when you have to stare at the computer screen for hours, or read work documents and papers all day long. As you grow older, your ability to gaze or stare at things is weakened. Your eyes begin to give you the feeling of weariness. Having to gaze gives you that feeling of annoying discomfort. Your eyes become unable to focus and create clear and sharp image at the reading distance anymore, you either have to move the object further away or use more light than you normally do. If you are prone to these symptoms, it is likely that you have developed presbyopia ( farsightedness at near distance ).

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The technology of unifocal eyeglasses commenced over 700 years ago to correct the symptom of presbyopia. This old technology was utilized to improve the quality near objects vision for those who needed, but the invention of unifocal significantly decreases the ability of the eyeglasses wearers to gaze and focus, perhaps faster than what it should normally be. In your daily life, if you are wearing reading glasses, and accidentally look further than the range of your lenses focusing ability, your visualizing system forces your eyes and your brain to adjust themselves to that focus range, which causes a headache, eyestrain and fatigues. Result? you eventually have to renew your eyeglasses prescription sooner than you actually have to.

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Moreover, having to keep taking eyeglasses on and off, or looking above the top of eyeglasses to see distance objects is simply awkward. It is extremely inconvenient especially for those who have both presbyopia and nearsightedness, or for those who have both farsightedness and astigmatism at far distance. Some wearers have to own up to two or three pairs of eyeglasses, and use them alternatively. It is awfully inconvenient to carry that many pairs of eyeglasses, especially if you are a businessperson in top levels.

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Benjamin Franklin, an American scientist and inventor who was born in 1706. He is also known as the Father of the Bifocals. He was first diagnosed with farsightedness, and had to wear eyeglasses since he was 20 years old. When he reached the age of 40, he developed the symptom of presbyopia, and so, he had to have another pair of eyeglasses so that he could read. After spending most of his time carrying two pairs of eyeglasses and use them alternatively, he had enough of the inconvenience. Therefore, he designed and invented bifocal eyeglasses by taking both his long distance glasses and reading glasses, slicing the lenses in half and then seaming the lenses together with the reading lenses on the bottom and the long distance lenses on the top. This invention allowed him to see long distance by looking through the top lenses and enjoy his favorite hobby, reading, by looking through the bottom lenses. His invention of bifocals was considered the most modern eyeglasses breakthrough in that era. For over 200 years until now, bifocals are still vended and available worldwide. They can be found just about anywhere, either in general eyeglasses stores, or hi-end luxurious eyewear centers ( except ISOPTIK, which is the only eyeglasses center in the world that does not have bifocals available for our customers ).

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Why ? Bifocals – even though designed to offer clear distance and near vison, they are not designed for the in-between vision. The bifocals wearers usually find the intermediate ( arm’s length ) vision blurred and out of focus. They either have to move closer and look through the bottom reading lenses or move further away and look through the upper long distance lenses. Later on, to solve this problem, the bifocals were further developed into trifocals with an additional middle section for intermediate vision. However, the bifocals and trifocals have some setbacks. Besides their outdated and tedious look, the bifocals and trifocals produce image jumps, consequently, the wearers have to gaze harder in order to focus. Having to cope with the image jumps, unnatural feeling of vision and the wearing discomfort, the bifocals and trifocals wearers are not able to live their life to the fullest.

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Today, a large number of eyeglasses users are still incapable of adjusting themselves to the bifocals or trifocals, particularly when they get in and out of a car, or walk up and down and sloping ground. Every year, a number of first time bifocals and trifocals users reaches over 10,000, many of those accidentally look through the reading lenses when they walk, resulting in false distance speculation. This has caused a lot of serious harmful incidents to the wearers. Therefore, seamless multifocal progressive eyeglasses were invented and developed over 100 years ago to deliver clearer and better vision that comes with the wearing comfort at all distance.

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Progressive eyeglasses lenses are available at any eyeglasses stores worldwide. However, they are not cheap, and yet, are made using outdated technology with ready-to-wear or semi-ready-to-wear lens structure. The lens production is based on an old progressive lenses technology from 100 years ago which gives an unclear and low quality of vision. Unclear vision causes an eyestrain. Furthermore, peripheral vision distortion often occurs. Many wearers have trouble adjusting to the changing power of the lenses from distance to near vision and the slow focusing ability of the lenses.

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Each year, a number of eyeglasses wearers are wasting more than 50,000 Thai Baht on expensive, but impractical progressive eyeglasses lenses that are made using this old technology, which do not come with a warranty and satisfaction guarantee from the lenses manufacturers. We strongly feel that this is unfair to them.

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At ISOPTIK, a world-class hi-end quality lenses design center – we offer an expertise in eye examination to create The ISOPTIK New Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses, made with advanced digital 3 D technology that produces 25 times more accurate and precise result than that of the general standard. Our exclusive top-notch lenses design and premium frames craftsmanship are customized according to each customer’s viewing behavior and visual analysis so that our customers do not have to waste any of their time adjusting to our customized lenses. ISOPTIK’s eyepieces promise to give the natural wearing comfort that comes with fast image focusing ability. Our lenses are specially designed to support curved frame six times higher than normal. We believe that an excellent pair of eyeglasses can improve your brain power drastically, as a result, you feel more empowered and energized like you were in your adolescence years of age.

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ISOPTIK’s Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses are carefully produced using the latest technology in all stages of the making -- eye examination, lenses design, and assembling process – all are elaborately done under the highest level of quality control by Master Bobi, who is regarded as a world-class eye examination expert for The ISOPTIK New Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses, to ensure all ISOPTIK’s customers receive the masterpiece quality of eyeglasses that contributes the finest quality of vision to them.

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