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Super Progressive Eyeglasses • Eye Examination and Analysis Procedures at ISOPTIK

Eye examinations and analysis for designing and producing best customized Super Digital 3 D Progressive Individual eyeglasses at ISOPTIK Eyeglasses Centre ( 60 days )

1. Detailed analysis of the customer’s needs. ( 20 minutes )

2. Determine which eye is dominant and whether it matches with the customer’s dominant hand. This is very important in visibility analysis for three-dimensional analysis for creating the most efficient Super Digital 3 D Progressive Individual. ( 5 minutes )

3. Test each eyes’ response ability analyzed by Doctor of Optometry. ( 10 minutes )

Face Form Angle measurement on customer aka FFA

4. Determine the centers of each pupil for both long and short distance by digital machinery. This machine measures the reflections from the pupils in all distances in order to determine the placement of the center of the lenses to perfectly match with the centers of the eyes. ( 20 minutes )

5. Measures the curvature of the cornea with digital machinery to determine any astigmatism and its angles for both eyes. ( 5 minutes )

6. Uses Corneal Topography to determine the completeness of the passage of light by the cornea for each eye. The measurements are sent to ISOPTIK’s ophthalmologist. ( 10 minutes )

PTA measurement

7. Using Aberrometer to determine flaring in each eye. The results are then sent to ISOPTIK’s ophthalmologist. ( 10 minutes )

8. Measuring eye prescription ( myopia, presbyopia and astigmatism ) by a digital high-technology and Retinoscopy. ( 20 minutes )

9. Checking the previous eyeglasses’ prescription through a digital scanner with 9 light-rays which measures 25 times more precisely than the other machines. This helps to see the differences or how much your eye prescription has changed over time. ( 5 minutes )

CVD measurement

10. Check the materials, models and the centers of the lenses of the current eyeglasses with comparisons to the actual centers of the pupils to measure the errors in the current glasses. ( 10 minutes )

11. 30 minutes 3-D digital eye analysis, with breaks in every 10 minutes.

12. Detailed eye health check by ophthalmologist ( 30 minutes )

13. Designing the frames and the fit of the glasses for Super Digital 3 D Progressive Individual of the latest technology eye glasses. ( 60 days )

Face Form Angle measurement on customer aka FFA

14. When the Super Digital 3 D Progressive Individual lenses are completed, we perform a lens check in 360 degrees with 25 times more detailed than the European quality control standards for 30 minute. If the errors were found in the lenses, ISOPTIK will order a new set right away.

15. The new Super Digital 3 D Progressive Individual eyeglasses are given to the customer.

16. Customers eyeglasses physical check and test. Customers try the new eyeglasses on and check the difference it has in comparison to their previously owned eyeglasses.

PTA measurement

17. Follows the actual usage and the eyeglasses efficiency.

18. Master Bobi asks for customer’s comments and criticism for further developing ISOPTIK Eyeglasses Centre and its products for the best Super Digital 3 D Progressive Individual eyewear. Master Bobi thanks to the customers for providing their stories and comments on these eyeglasses and wishes for best visibility since, “Life is beautiful and sight is life.”

" Only Believe "

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