How much are the Eyeglasses and the Frame from ISOPTIK ?

Super Progressive Eyeglasses • Why expensive progressive eyeglasses produced by old technologies are worse than the cheaper one with an old technology ?

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Why expensive progressive eyeglasses produced by old technologies are worse than the cheaper one with an old technology ?

The expensive progressive lenses from old technologies can cost you around ten thousands baht. These lenses, if provided with the wrong structure, inaccurate eye examination and analysis, or even unmatched frames may cause the center of the lenses to differ from the direct angle of the centers of the wearer eyes can lead up to 95 percent decrease of the lenses effectiveness. This then causes the wearer to force focus, creates discomfort and facing the experience of side image distortions effect. These symptoms leads to even more difficulties in adaptation to the new eyeglasses, making the transitions between usage of different parts of the lenses for long distance and short distance visibility even more obstacle. Object focus image takes time and these problems happened to the progressive wearer around the world.

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Every year around 50,000 baht gone waste a countless time purchasing the expensive progressive lenses produced by old technologies without the capable of using it and receive none clearly warranty at all from the provider and that is unacceptable for a customer to be exploited.

ISOPTIK the Hi-End Eyeglasses Centre is the one that capable of produce a high definition lens designs and experts in eye examinations and analysis for customized Super Digital 3 D Progressive Individual eyeglasses with the combination from latest 3D technologies in all its processes that results in best precisions, accuracy and 25 times more effective than the normal optical standard. This is how we worked in order to achieve the highest functional eyeglasses for all ISOPTIK’s customers. We acknowledge that every eye are unique and are used differently by each customer. Thus, each frame are also design specifically for each individual customers for highest comfort, easy adaptation with the best visibility as well as accommodate curved frame six times more than the other which improve your brain performance like when you were young once again..

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Super Digital 3 D Progressive Individual eyeglasses with latest technologies made from ISOPTIK are produced designed and assembly under the quality control in every aspect from Master Bobi, The Super Digital 3 D Progressive Individual Eyeglasses Specialist, the one whom can create a masterpiece, provide you to achieve an instant crystal clear vision.

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